Monday, April 13, 2009

My New Love

I have always really enjoyed crafts -- all sorts, {It balances the left brain side of me nicely ... }. I started cross stitching when I was 8 or so. I took several art classes in high school including a drawing/painting class and a few sewing classes. I started scrapbooking the first year I was married -- and card making came the year after (thank you Stampin' Up!). Most recently I took up sewing again. I started a quilt to go on my bed a couple years back. The top of it is finished ... it is just waiting to be put up on the frames and stitched. My most recent {{HUGE}} undertaking was Jace's room. I made a tetris quilt, skirt, bumpers, window treatments, and diaper holder. It took a long time, but I enjoyed doing it and learned a lot.

Now -- every time I go into a craft store I instantly look at the fabric. I try to piece things together to see if I can come up with something new! I even told a friend once as we were looking for more material to match what we currently had ... "NO NEW PROJECTS!" This statement came after I had bought material for yet another baby quilt -- the airplane quilt.

I am very proud to announce that I have just finished the top of my little boy's airplane quilt. The tetris quilt is part of the set ... and probably won't be used all that often. I want to keep it looking nice for my future boys. The airplane quilt will be just for Jace. It will the blankey that he can cuddle with -- the one we wrap him tight in and take him places -- his nap quilt -- the get dirty and wash a billion times quilt. I am very proud of how it turned out. The nice part is that the pattern looks incredibly complicated -- but was quite easy. MUCH faster than anything I have done to date.

1. You choose 9 pieces of material and make a 9 patch.
2. Cut the 9 patch in quarters.
3. Rotate the top right and bottom left quarter 180 degrees -- sew the "9 patch" back together
4. Rotate every other "split nine" 180 degrees -- sew to assemble your quilt

Super easy -- right ?? Super cute!!

So now on to my next project. Stephanie just turned 18 and is going to go to school at Snow next year. I wanted to make her a fun cute quilt to put on top of her bed. It is called a bakers dozen because it includes 13 different patterns. I am using the material in the photo -- and using black for the sashing (framing the neon colors). It is very girly and I hope it will look nice and sharp. This new project just bumped a couple of Jace quilts back ... but I don't think that he will mind much :)


Jess and Jen said...

Very cute, Jen. I didn't understand your basic instructions at all, but I wish I did. I have been wanting to learn to make a quilt for awhile now, but there are too many projects in front of that one and I'm a little of these days! -Jen

Lynsey said...

So cute! Now I need to finish mine.

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Jen! So cute! I can't wait to find out what we're having because I'm planning on making the bedding as well! I love sewing!! Maybe it's just crafting :). It was so fun seeing Jace at church yesterday!!! I heard you had a blog from someone that came up to you after sacrament, so I had to find it! Lots of fun! PS I love that I looked at it this morning and when I went to comment it was different!!!

Mom and Dad said...

Really nice colors, Jen! How fun!