Thursday, October 27, 2011


In our family we celebrate birthday weeks. It's my fault. I love birthdays. I get excited for mine. I'm turning 30 (gasp!) in 13 days and I'm still excited for it! A couple of years ago, I got so excited for my birthday, Joe started giving me little gifts (a CD or a book or something small) daily for about a week before my actual birthday. Thus, the birthday week was born.

My birthday week starts in 6 days and apparently Jace and Joe went shopping last night while I was out with a friend. Here's the conversation I walked in on this morning as Jace was waking up:

Joe: "Shh ... it's a secret!"
Jace: "Mom's BOOP"
Joe: "Shh ... it's a secret!"
Jace: "Mom's BOOP!"
Joe: "Shh ... it's a secret! Don't tell mom"

I walk in ....

Jen: "Don't tell mom what?"
Jace: "Mom's BOOP"
Jen: "Something's broke?"
Joe: "Shh ... it's a secret! Don't tell mom!"
Jace: "Mom's BOOP"
Jen: "What's broke"
Jace: "NO Mom's BOOP"
Jen: "Book?"
Joe: "Shh ... it's a secret!"

Jace ... showing off his adorable dimples "MOM'S BOOP"

Joe: "It's a secret for mom's birthday. We can't tell her!"

He goes does downstairs and Jace walks straight to the hiding place ... "Mom's BOOP" and pulls out a rather hefty hard cover book -- still in the Barnes & Nobles sack.

Very proud of himself he hands me the book. I am laughing to the point that I may have pulled a muscle. I called Joe back up to re-hide the book. Jace wasn't super excited about this -- starts crying and wanting me to have the "boop".

I have the nicest boys ever ... and I can't wait to see what my new boop is! Apparently, Joe asked Jace what they should get me for my birthday and Jace said: "A boop" and Joe thought ... BRILLIANT ... So I guess that's what he did.


Scarlett said...

Ha ha! Love it! We have a birthday week, too. But there aren't presents involved,(I should change that.) It's just being extra nice to the person, and doing special favors. But I think I like the present idea more. ;)