Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 Month Update

 It's amazing how fast time flies AFTER you have the baby.  It somehow just doesn't seem fair.  The last two months of pregnancy crawls at a snail's pace compared to the first two months of a baby's life.

Well two months have come and gone and little Miss Maren is thriving.  She is probably the easiest baby we've had.  Some of that, I'm sure, has to do with the fact that parenting isn't entirely one big guessing game (with her at least), and part of that has to be that Miss M. is just a super relaxed, chill little girl.

The last month has been really fun with Maren.  She still rarely wakes on her own to eat, but once she wakes up she'll be up for awhile.  She is happy to hang out with the family -- and we cart her around wherever we are going.  She spends an ample amount of time "playing" in each of the kid's room -- and they love having her there, often fighting over who gets to love on her "this time".

Maren started smiling at us about two weeks ago.  Nothing feels better than walking in her room and her giving you a big dimple grin when she sees your face!  We have discovered that she has a few dimples in her smile (in the top corners of her mouth) and one in her chin.  The chin one only comes out every once in awhile.  It'll be interesting to see how it develops as she grows.  Recently she has been playing with cooing.  She doesn't do it very often, but you can tell she wants to.  It won't be long before she's talking up a storm!

Today we discovered that Maren loves listening to us sing!  We started singing songs from Beauty and the Beast and she broke out in song too!  She didn't do it a lot, but was quite alert and happy as the songs kept a coming.  And her big sister thought it was pretty awesome too!

There is something so special about this little girl that has joined our family.  She has my whole heart and I feel so honored to be her mother.  She is so sweet and I can not wait to see how her personality develops.  Now if time could only slow down a bit and let me enjoy her while she's still small!