Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Talky Talk

You may or may not be aware of my anxiety of Jace's speaking ... or lack thereof. It is hard to have an only child and not know what is normal -- especially when there are kids his age, or younger, doing things that he appears to not to be doing. Jace has always seemed to be a great thinker -- and never has had a lot to say. He has, however, done an awesome job understanding what we tell him, and can perform relatively detailed tasks when asked. Tasks such as: Jace ... go throw this in the garbage; put this in the bucket in the bathroom; let's put the dogs outside; put this in your drawer. When given a task, he'll usually waddle his cute little bum in whatever direction you ask ... but he hasn't really been talking.

Until recently.

Although no one would consider him a "jabber jaws" ... he has been talking a lot more. I thought I'd list the words that I can remember him saying as of right now. I probably will miss a lot!

Daphne (da)
What's This
Right here
(I know there is more ... I'll add when I remember them all!)

Animal/Character Sounds
Monkey (this was his first sound!)
Chicken (all birds say: baaawk ... He used to know quack.)
Alien (oooooh)
Buzz Lightyear
Lightning McQueen
Baby Sounds
Copper Howling

Favorite Songs (w/actions)
Tiny Tim
No More Monkeys Jumping on teh Bed
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
If you are happy and you know it
Veggie Tales theme song.

So he is a quiet kid, but it is obvious that he knows quite a bit. I'm glad that it has come out more and more lately ... reduces my stress level and just makes him even more fun to be around.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Day

I've never been big into holidays. None of them really. Joe and I have our few traditions ... but nothing spectacular. This year, we decided to change all of that! I'm going big! (wait til PI day ...)

We started a new tradition, which we hope it to become an annual tradition if Grannie and Grandad approve, of going to Elsinore for New Years Eve. Oh we all had a blast. Well, the next holiday is Valentines and I had a plan.

Jace woke up early and we surprised him with his valentines gift. Of course, a new book ... he loves books! We then ate pink pancake breakfast. It has been a long time since the whole family has eaten breakfast together ... usually we wake up after dad leaves for work. After breakfast, and dad going to work, Jace and I got ready for the day. He played around in his room while I made chocolate
covered strawberries as part of Joe's
Surprise. After that was over we took a trip to the zoo. I didn't take in a stroller, so it was just Jace and myself. He loved being free to roam around and have a good time. I did have to carry him at moments, but I just threw him on my shoulders and off we
went! You know you are having a good day when your son falls asleep because of pure exhaustion!

After the zoo and lunch, it was time to get ready for Joe's surprise. We sometimes do a fun activity called a "sleep over" I don't even remember when or how it started, but we'll pull our bed mattress from our bedroom to the basement and watch a movie on the "big TV". I single handedly pulled that big thing down all our stairs (thank goodness for gravity!) and moved on.

The next part of the surprise goes something like this

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I'm so lucky to be TIED to you

Follow the string
it's your only clue
Somewhere at the end is a surprise for you

I had proceeded to take a large skeen of yarn and wrap it around our entire house. What a maze! Poor Jace was getting clothes lined for the last two hours before his dad came home! (no pic ...
doh!) We then took the dogs, locked ourself in the bedroom and waited for Dad to come home. I got all dolled up (which for me is a big deal :) Poor Joe is becoming accustomed to my regular
pony tail!) and waited. I heard him open the door and just chuckle. It probably took him a good thirty minutes to find us, and at the end of the string was his gift ... something RED.

I then said: "Put on a TIE ... we're gettine THAI!" (but then told him that he doesn't have to wear the tie ... I didn't want to wear a dress!)

It was fun showing the ones I love that I LOVE them. It wasn't really romantic at all ... just a fun day with my two boys. Whom I LOVE.

He must be Asian

We were told once by a cute little Vietnamese waitress at our favorite restaurant that Jace wants to be Asian. I think she may be right. Jace has been relatively picky with his food lately ... but every time we to Asian ... he always has a good meal. Chinese, Vietnamese, and now Thai ... doesn't matter! He loves it. Thai food isn't a food that just everyone eats, it has a different taste. He loved it!

He even got his own set of chopsticks and was able to spoon a few of his noodles to his mouth. I think we'll introduce him to Japanese food next!

Jace trying to be patient while we waited for the food.

Patience is gone ... where's dinner?

So much happier with food in the belly!

I Know what these are for!

Yep, that's right. YUMMY.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

PCOS (according to Jen)

I thought that I'd do, what I understand to be, a post of what PCOS is, and how it effects me. Now, this is what I understand from reading the Internet and my doctor ... I am not claiming to know everything, so hopefully I've got my facts straight.

I am insulin resistant. This means, the cells in my body aren't accepting the insulin my body is making. Because of this, my body makes an increased amount of insulin because my cells aren't getting any. Well, because of my high insulin levels, my reproductive hormones get "confused" and don't produce as high as they should. This is the reason it is very difficult for me to get pregnant. I don't ovulate because of the low hormones. My doctor put me on a diabetic medication called Metformine to allow my cells to accept the insulin that is made, therefore reducing the amount of insulin my body will produce. With a lower amount of insulin in my body, my reproductive system should kick back into gear.

I am on two more medications as well to help things along. One is Provera, a drug that helps me get a monthly cycle. (Normally my cycles can be anywhere from 3 to 8 months. Never consistent. Before you say ... LUCKY YOU ... just remember my lack of periods is making my life miserable right now =) ok ... moving on!) The other medication that I am on is Chlomid. Chlomid is taken when people don't ovulate (ME!). It just helps to mature the eggs so you ovulate. You are about twice as likely to have twins because of this ... but if the probability of having twins is SOOO low, twice a really small number is still a really small number.

So where do I fall in all of this? I have completed month number one of my routine. Things aren't "fixed" yet, so no baby news. In fact, I went to the doctor yesterday to get a test done to see if I had ovulated. I hadn't. Because of this they doubled my Chlomid level (WAHOO!!!) and hopefully next month I will. If I don't .... who knows what will happen.

I feel optimistic with the higher dosage that I'll be taking. We still have hope *though not much* for a 2011 baby ... but it looks like it's going to be 2012. At this point, I just hope to get pregnant again sometime in my life. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This afternoon, as I was eating my grilled turkey burger with cheese, I had an awesome idea! How great would my awesome sandwich be with a side of pickle! I great ball park drip down your hand pickle? You know ... the giant ones they sell at the movie theater, that no one ever really buys. (Well, I bought one once.)

What can I say? I love pickles. It's no sign of anything ... I just like pickles.

Well, I ate my sandwich and forgot about it. About an hour ago, the overpowering urge to eat a ball park pickle returned! I swaggered into the computer room, gave Joe my most dazzling smile, and requested such a dessert. He laughed at the random request, finished his video, found a Vlasic coupon and now is headed to walmart to get my treat! What a great husband I have!!

... and what a great snack I'll have in a bit. mmmmm.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jump Start

If you read any article or comment about PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome ... that's what I have that makes it so difficult to make babies!) most will say "a key to help you get pregnant is to lose weight". It's true. Infact, all three times I've been pregnant, it has come at the end of a 10 to 15 lb weight loss. Well I'm desperate to have a 2011 baby ... and I realize that I need to do something to lose weight so I can acheive that goal. I do realize that my time is limited for this to happen, but I'm still hopeful!

I went back to see my good friend, Dr. Merrill, and he put me on a nice med routine that will help get the ball rolling. I have never been one to turn straight to medicine though. Don't get me wrong ... it's great! But if I can help on my own too, then the meds won't have to work quite as hard, and I, for some reason, don't feel quite as dependent on them. They are my aide and not my crutch. Anyway, I digress.

This week I joined Weight Watchers (AGAIN) with Cortney, my next door neighbor. They have a new points plus program that I have enjoyed working with. There are a few things that I'm frustrated about ... but all in all, it's been going great. I'm more consious of what I'm putting in my mouth and what activities I'm participating in. I weigh in this week and am hopeful for a decent number.

I did awesome this week! I was down 4.2 ... putting my at 182.2! My goal this week is to burn 2.4 and finally put me in the 170s. I haven't been in the 170s since I was pregnant right after Jace! WAHOO!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Bug...

is lurking about the boucher house. You may want to stay away!

On Sunday, Jace woke up at 5:30 in the morning throwing up. He threw up every half hour for quite some time. We were afraid that perhaps he had swallowed something, because he had just gotten over the "BUG" from the previous week! After a morning visit to the instacare, we learned that it's just a virus and needed to run it's course.

Later that day he was acting better. But he threw up again yesterday! Otherwise, he has seemed fine!

Today he has developed a cough ... and has thrown up 3 more times, two times being in the last hour! We are doing our best to keep him hydrated, and I will be running to the store first thing in the am to get more pedialyte.

Poor little critter!

Oh yeah ... and now Joe has it to! I'm dreading my turn!!!

February Goals

I think that I did an awesome job of making goals for the Month of January. Some were pretty simple, and others took a lot of effort. While I didn't complete every goal that I made, a lot got done that wouldn't have, had I not written the goals in the first place. I started to think about different goals that I want to make a while ago, and after much consideration .... here is my list for February:

1) Surprise Joe
2) Take dinner to someone
3) Wear makeup for no reason
4) Blog about something ordinary
5) Get a Will
6) Run 30 miles
7) Arrange a play date for Jace and do it at least 2 times
8) Research proper comma and semi-colon use
9) Scrapbook Jace's 2nd and 3rd month pictures
10) Tear down walls and ceiling in Master Bath
11) Read a non-fiction book
12) Register for a 5K
13) Make and Send Valentines day cards
14) Complete CH 1 in my calculus book
15) Get a new look