Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Bug...

is lurking about the boucher house. You may want to stay away!

On Sunday, Jace woke up at 5:30 in the morning throwing up. He threw up every half hour for quite some time. We were afraid that perhaps he had swallowed something, because he had just gotten over the "BUG" from the previous week! After a morning visit to the instacare, we learned that it's just a virus and needed to run it's course.

Later that day he was acting better. But he threw up again yesterday! Otherwise, he has seemed fine!

Today he has developed a cough ... and has thrown up 3 more times, two times being in the last hour! We are doing our best to keep him hydrated, and I will be running to the store first thing in the am to get more pedialyte.

Poor little critter!

Oh yeah ... and now Joe has it to! I'm dreading my turn!!!


Lynsey said...

I am definitely staying away from your house. I'm sorry that your family has not been feeling well. Hopefully you'll steer clear of the bug.

Scarlett said...

So glad you came to say hi on my blog! Your fam is adorable! Hope everyone is feeling better.