Monday, September 29, 2008

Dinner Cravings

When I got home from school today I started watching Ellen. They had a Dr. on the show that was talking about diets ... and what is healthy. He said that the average American eats 32 pounds of cheese a year. This is not a good thing he said. He told a story of his mother needing to drop her cholesterol and so she threw out all of her cheese and meat. Within 6 weeks her cholesterol level dropped 70 points. I should have found this motivating and such but all I could think about is ... cheese. "That sounds good! Cheese ... cheesy potatoes -- yum -- funeral potatoes ... what would be good with funeral potatoes? ... ham! and corn!" I immediately went to Harmon's, bought the necessary ingredients for my dinner, and came home to make it. This is a very similar meal we eat on Christmas Night -- only on Christmas Night we have homemade rolls and jello.

Joe came home to a yummy smelling home with a nice meal on the "table" (We generally eat on the couch ... a habit that needs to be broken). I don't play "June Cleaver" very often -- but it was fun tonight!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Value of a Dollar

I feel like I always need to be eating lately ... by fourth period I am famished! I was sitting with my class and complaining that I didn't get to go to lunch for more than a half hour ...

After I dismissed my class a cute boy came up and asked me if I wanted him to lend me a dollar so that I could go and get a snack to hold me over until lunch. I was speechless! That offer of his dollar was worth more to me than ... obviously ... the dollar itself! I politely refused -- but I was so grateful that he would be willing to give to help me out!!

The New Me

I have been known to "over-do" the pony-tail. When my hair gets long enough ... I put it in a pony practically every day! It takes so long to dry ... and then never quite looks good done when it's long ... I figure why bother! Since Parent Teacher Conference (blah) is coming up tomorrow -- I decided to pamper myself! I went and got a hair cut and highlighted it enough so that it looks like a nice sun-kissed glow. I think I like it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Same Old Same Old ....

When I first started blogging, I would check my website multiple times a day to see if any of my dear friends have updated their blog. I would get excited to learn about all the happenings in my friend's life, (I still do!) ... and get aggravated when blogs weren't updated. "It's been a week ... and nothing new!"

Now that I have my life back and it is between the months of September and June ... I find myself falling in the same -- non-posting rut. SO for those of you that check out my blog and there has been nothing to report for several weeks -- I am sorry! My day to day life consists of:

1. waking up at the latest moment possible
2. jump into the shower
3. do the "getting ready" stuff including feed dogs, put hair in pony tail, eat breakfast, etc.
4. go to work and try to convince 200 people that M.A.T.H. I.S. the Most Awesome Thing Here In School. (it's an acronym ... cute!)
5. come home and decide what's for dinner ... usually cafe rio or something close to that.
6. watch a favorite television show ... play teacher and grade papers, or something else.
7. go to bed
8. start over.

It seems like a boring schedule ... and I don't have much to share. As soon as something exciting comes my way ... I will be sure to post it. I apologize for the lack of Boucher Update ... This is the life of a teacher I guess :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Heated Situation

What an interesting day it has turned out to be! At the beginning of sixth period the head secretary came on the announcements and told us that several people have complained about the smell of smoke and was afraid there was a fire. She told us that this was just the workers on the roof and we have nothing to worry about. I didn't smell anything in my room so I didn't worry about it much. Just as I was finishing my lesson, (about 1:40ish,) the VP came told us that we were evacuating the building. He said that he didn't know how long we would be out there but to plan on moving forward with the discussions we were having in class, (Yeah Right ... ). I told my kids to bring their stuff and we headed outside. As we walked outside we heard all of the fire trucks approaching our school. After making sure that my class was all out safely, I gathered my class in a circle, told them their assignment for the night and suggested that they start working on it. Many of them did and I could answer their questions while sitting out on the lawn. We ended up out there until about five minutes before school was to dismiss for the day, (2:45). I am not entirely sure what happened, but as you were walking out of the main doors on the west side of the school you could smell fire. I don't know if flames actually existed ... but it was kind of scary. Just the thought of losing our school to a fire ... I can't imagine. LUCKILY everything is okay and we will return to school tomorrow.

When I talked to Joe later that night he asked how my day went and what could I say? ... by the way dear ... there was a fire at our school today! CrAzY!!