Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Goals

Setting my January goals this year was exciting and fun. I tried very hard to make them challenging yet do-able. I know the importance of setting realistic goals that can be crossed off at the end of the month. While I wasn't able to complete all of my goals, I made great strides and at least partially completed most of them. Here's the tally:

Fully Completed: 8 out of 15 (not bad!)
Partially Completed: 2 out of 15
Did Not Complete: 5 out of 15.

So here are the ones I completed in January:
  • Buy food for the person behind me (subway)
  • Go to Dr. for infertility (I'm going clomid!)
  • Gut Master Bathroom (all out besides tub)
  • Sift through Jace's Toys (check!)
  • Scrapbook Jace's 1 month (and almost 2nd month) in pics
  • Clean and Vacuum both cars (didn't vacuum echo. Close enough)
  • Try a food I didn't think I'd like (Chicken enchiladas w/ cottage cheese)
  • Finish Spiral Quilt
I have completed my list for February, and I'm excited to get working on it. As for my Jan. list ... I'll keep it around and try to fill them in when I can!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Person Behind Me .... Check!

Yesterday I was determined to knock off a few more of my January To Do list items. I was about to head out for my weekly tutoring at the library, and asked Joe if he wanted a subway. This was it! My chance to help someone out!!

I wrote a sly note that I could hand the cashier just in case there was a long line at the shop and I wouldn't have to obviously pay for the person behind me.

As luck would have it ... the store was empty! I quickly told the attendant my plan. I told her I wanted a $20 subway card to be used on the person behind me. And if there was anything else, use it on the person behind him until it was gone.

She looked at me like I was nuts!

I am, but not because of this.

She made up my sandwiches and as I go to pay, a man walks in the door. I was so excited that I got to pay for a stranger's lunch! PLUS, he only ordered a six inch, so I helped out someone behind him too.

I don't know how these people took their good news and favor, but hopefully it made their day just a bit brighter. I came home grinning from ear to ear. SO much fun!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Pretend to be Brave ...

It should probably make it a rule of thumb not to blog after 1:oo in the morning. It should also be a rule not to blog when you haven't seen your spouse for 48 hours .... regardless, I think I'm going to blog right now. Perhaps I should read it in the morning after I get my sleep to make sure it's not all pure emotion running through my fingertips.

I have been pretty candid these last couple of weeks of our family's struggle for parenthood. I am trying so hard to be brave and hopeful that this process will work for us again, but the fact is .... I'm scared. I have this burning desire inside to be a mom again; I am so afraid that it will be another big trial for us. I'm scared that it will take months and months of trying before we get pregnant again. AND after that happens -- then what? Getting pregnant isn't my only challenge when it comes to having children.

I've been pregnant 3 times. I'm scared that we will miscarry again. If we miscarry ... I have to have surgery, then that's several more months of waiting, hoping, and heartache.

I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us. I know that he is guiding us in our life ... which helps ease my nerves - But only a little. I wish it were a bit easier .... and am hoping for the best. We'll keep everyone posted. We could use the prayers!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goal #6: Spiral Quilt

Joe is out of town this week, so besides playing with Jace, all I want to do is stuff for me! Sounds a bit selfish, but I see it as an awesome way to tackle some of the things on my January Check List.

Last night, I figured that I'd stay up and finish the quilt. I tend to sleep in until Jace wakes up anyway, and when I go to sleep at 10, that can turn into many hours of sleep that I don't need.
Jace has been waking up at 9 lately. SO I decided if I go to bed at 12 or later and wake up at 9, I still get my 8 to 9 hours of sleep!

I put on Harry Potter 6 and got to work. I was a little
disappointed on how my corners matched up .... but I'll get over it. I must have had a slightly smaller seam than .25 inches .... because the borders, which were calculated correctly, should have matched up perfectly. This is th first time I've done the "piano key" border though. I'll try it again on a different quilt.

All in all, I'm SUPER pleased with how it turned out! I think my goal for February or March will be to quilt and bind it. I need to buy material for the back now. I'm thinking ..... Pink :) I hope I'll get to use this little quilt soon! (fingers crossed ... see goal #1!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

GOAL #11 .... CHECK!

Goal #11was to go through Jace's toys, throw out the junk, "box" the baby, and organize the now. With such a generous santa and others this year spoiling my kid senseless ... this was a MUST DO for my January 'to do' list. I decided that today was the day!

I started by getting all of the little toys out of my bedroom and bringing them into Jace's room to be sorted. You can see his toys are really messy, and he doesn't have a ton, but I was excited to
feel like I was simplifying my life by removing some of the unused. I organized his closet, took toys and hid them under the stairs (and prayed that the spiders and bugs wouldn't get them!!).
I put new toys in his newly emptied closet and refilled his drawers in his book shelf.

Then we went downstairs (didn't get a before pic). Emptied his toy bin and sifted through those toys. VOILA!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goal #1 ... CHECK.

It's no secret .... making babies isn't like ordering pizza for the Joe and Jen Boucher family. There is a long history of infertility in my family ... and I am no exception.

Here is the basic problem. I have a high level of insulin in my body. Because the cells of my body aren't accepting the insulin, my body is making a lot of it ... which causes the FSH and LH hormones (the reproductive ones) to get confused and not produce like they should. I, therefore, need to take a medication so that my body will lower it's insulin levels and my reproductive hormones can start kicking it into gear! I have to take Clomid to help the FSH mature my little baby eggs faster and Progesterone to make my cycle start over when this month's "go at it" was unsuccessful. This is what we get to go through to have babies. It's not a major pain, and I know others go through a lot worse, but it does get quite painful when others seem to have it "so easy".

I have waited patiently for several months, and finally I had an appointment TODAY! My fabulous Doc gave me the prescriptions I need and a game plan to follow. I am excited to get this going and hopeful for fast results ...

Monday, January 3, 2011


A big old fat CONGRATS to my lil brother and his new wife Jade. We are so very VERY happy for you two and hope that you have a wonderful life together. Can't wait to meet you JADE!!
LOVE you both!