Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goal #6: Spiral Quilt

Joe is out of town this week, so besides playing with Jace, all I want to do is stuff for me! Sounds a bit selfish, but I see it as an awesome way to tackle some of the things on my January Check List.

Last night, I figured that I'd stay up and finish the quilt. I tend to sleep in until Jace wakes up anyway, and when I go to sleep at 10, that can turn into many hours of sleep that I don't need.
Jace has been waking up at 9 lately. SO I decided if I go to bed at 12 or later and wake up at 9, I still get my 8 to 9 hours of sleep!

I put on Harry Potter 6 and got to work. I was a little
disappointed on how my corners matched up .... but I'll get over it. I must have had a slightly smaller seam than .25 inches .... because the borders, which were calculated correctly, should have matched up perfectly. This is th first time I've done the "piano key" border though. I'll try it again on a different quilt.

All in all, I'm SUPER pleased with how it turned out! I think my goal for February or March will be to quilt and bind it. I need to buy material for the back now. I'm thinking ..... Pink :) I hope I'll get to use this little quilt soon! (fingers crossed ... see goal #1!)


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

VERY CUTE! I wish I could click on the picture to make it bigger but you blog doesn't let me do that! Good job!

Lynsey said...

I LOVE IT! Great job! I'm jealous that Jace lets you craft. I never get anything done with Ethan helping.

Beano-Bayno said...

Nice! You should try the flat sheet trick

Mom and Dad said...

Jen, I am so glad you showed me this quilt when you were here at New Years. The border is wonderful. Did you make up the name?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

It's gorgeous! Any special reason for it? Maybe someday I'll decide I want to take up sewing for real...but right now I just try to make it through the day without falling over exhausted in the middle of it :)