Friday, January 30, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilt ....

This post probably contains too much information ... but I found humor in the story and thought that I would share!

I had my 32 week appointment today (everything went wonderful!). As customary they took my blood pressure, weight and sent me in to get a urine sample. I completely had emptied my bladder 90 minutes previous to this but didn't think anything of it -- I always have to pee! I must have gotten stage fright because ... um ... nothing. Not quite nothing ... very little. I decided I would ask if it was enough , (because it wasn't very much), and as I opened the door to leave the bathroom the door hit the cup and it went flying and spilt all over the bathroom floor. It wouldn't be too bad if another nurse and patient wasn't walking by at the exact time that it happened. Moral of the story ...

Don't cry over spilt ... URINE!
But it is okay to get really really embarrassed!

Bloody Finger

Okay gross .. I know. I went to the diabetes clinic yesterday and they talked to Joe and I about what I need to do to keep my blood sugar in check. They talked about how having Gestational Diabetes can affect my baby. Basically his insulin levels are fine but because of all of the extra sugar in my body he can be a ... big baby. Also, if he is used to getting all of that sugar, when he is "off" that sugar supply his level could plummet. I can't remember what the technical term is. SO they plugged in my data (weight, age, and height) to tell me how many carbs I can have with my 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. I just need to figure out what I like to eat as snacks ... that is the hardest part. I am a carb person. This will be good for me ... but it will also be a hassle!

Oh ... about the bloody fingers. I was talking literal. I have to check my blood sugar FOUR times a day. I hate pushing the button that makes me bleed. I have to check it in the morning before I have eaten ... and two hours after every meal. If the levels are high ... I need to cut down on carbs and up the protein. If it is low have a snack. The point is to keep my levels balanced so it doesn't affect my little man.

I also found out that when I took the three hour glucose test ... I passed the first and last blood draw, just not the middle two. Dang those middle two. Had I passed just one more of them I wouldn't have to do this. Oh Well :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Three posts in one day! I decided that I would do this and hope that people would get through all three rather than feel like it was a never-ending post!

Joe has been working quite hard on the room! We are very pleased with how it is turning out. The green is an olive green -- a light olive. With the white base and crown that we are going to be putting up, the new white door and white furniture it will look beautiful! The doors you see below will also be painted white. Just remember that the color doesn't play out nearly as nice on camera as it does in person! Once the room is done being painted we can start to assemble the crib. We have had the crib since November or so and it has been so hard not to just set everything up. My little man is going to have the nicest room in the whole house! I will post more when it is further along!

I have tried to help out where I can but it is difficult for me. When my body isn't sore from being "swollen" the fumes of the paint make me want to gag. I am working really hard at the sewing stuff but my back hurts too bad to sit for a long period of time. It is about time for me to get out of this chair and go rest ... pretty sad when you have to rest your back from just sitting. We have a lot to do in only two months ... and that is if he comes on time!!

"Ancient" Gifts

While at my Aunt Charri's house last week I found out there were a couple of amazingly cool things that my grandma had for me at her house. The first I have known about for awhile -- a cute picture of my mom when she was just a youngin'. Now I have two pictures of my mom hanging proudly in my home.

I was also given the little blanket that my mom was blessed in! It is in very good condition -- and pretty gender neutral so we are planning on blessing our little man wrapped in the same blanket! Beautiful!

This cute chick with a spoon was my mom's first spoon as a baby. It will go on a shelf in the nursery. It is perfect because we are decorating our room in the same color pallet ... the only difference is that our yellow and orange is a bit more earthy ... but it should look cute and have it will be fun to have a family heirloom in his room.

Charri asked me if there was anything I wanted or needed. I told her that I was secretly eyeing the quilt on Grandma's bed. I have been into quilting lately (I even have four great friends that get together once a month so we CAN quilt!) and was pretty impressed with the pattern on the bed. It was all hand done either by my grandma Karen or by her mom Grammie. Either way I was pleased and honored to take this treasure home!

Last but certainly certainly certainly not least ... (I think that Charri was a bit jealous that this treasure wasn't hers ... I just got a lucky birth order I guess!). I am not huge into antiques or "old" things all that much ... but this is amazingly cool!! My great great great grandma gave a bible to her daughter, Amelia Page, for her 21st birthday in 1884. She passed it on to her daughter Thelma. Thelma passed it to my Grandma who gave it to my mom in 1976. My mom was only 15 at the time so I am guessing that grandma just held it for her. My mom never received it before she passed so when Charri found it she gave it to me. I have a bible from 1884. It has been passed down from oldest daughter to oldest daughter since 1884. That night Joe and I tried looking up my grandma's family line. I have never felt so connected to my relatives in all my life. I feel like I am living part of their legacy ... I have never felt that way before ... or acknowledged it at least! It is a treasure that I cherish!!

"Problem Child"

A few years ago I was asked if I would be the head coach of the mathcounts program at SJMS. I think they asked me because it was my second year and I was still willing to do anything .... but because I was willing to do anything I accepted the challenge. Here is what the program is ... in a nutshell: Late September -- early October we invite the top 7th and 8th grade math students to attend mathcounts. From there we have weekly meetings practicing difficult math problems and getting ready for a competition held in January. Every year we have had more and more students attend. My first year we had 12. Last year we had 22 and this year 28!

These students make me feel ... inferior sometimes. I am sure that they love it when I show them how to do a problem ... and they show the group how THEY did the same problem. They love it when their way was easier than mine. There has been several times when I have had NO CLUE how to do a problem and they get the right answer. They are so so bright! It is fun to teach the top of the top.

This last January we held our first competition of the year. We brought all of our students (in matching t-shirts) and were ready to battle. The competition consists of three rounds. The first (sprint round) is 30 questions in fourty minutes ranging in difficulty. The next round (target round) consists of eight questions brought out two at a time. They have six minutes to answer those two questions. The last round that everyone participates in is a team round. Ten questions ... twenty minutes. Afterwards the "judges" tally the scores and pick the top ten. Our top student came in 7th place. This round (countdown) is where two students "face off" and eliminate the other. Some of these questions are UGLY but you have the top ten out of 200. When Erin, our top SOJO student, was up to battle our hole row of students cheered her on! By eliminating other students you can "up" your final placement. She was able to make it to fourth place. (She almost got third ... but the punk Midvale kid came from behind and beat her out ... we'll take him soon though!!)

I am so proud of my team! This is by FAR the best they have ever done. We compete in the regional competition on February 7th and if we do well there we go to state on March 28th. Last year Erin went to state as an individual ... but I am betting that my whole team will this year!

(The back of our shirts say "problem child" because what do math people do ... problems!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Verdict is In

I received the dreaded call today from the Cottonwood Hospital. I have Gestational Diabetes. It probably will only be throughout this pregnancy ... but it is possible that it could turn into permanent Type II diabetes ... which is what I DO NOT want! It will be good to get back into a more healthy routine ... but I was having none of that today! Here is how my afternoon panned out:

My phone goes off in the middle of fourth. The kids make fun a bit ... I look at the number and realize it's my doctors. I told them that I would wait to take the phone call after lunch so I could enjoy one last meal! I listened to my message while they were working on their homework and called the "diabetes office". I will go in on the 29th for more info. I got off the phone and one of my cute 7th graders asked if I was going to eat healthy for lunch. My response ... "NO I'm ticked! I'm going to have a cheese roll!" Totally bad for you ... complete comfort food. I texted my dad and Joe ... that's when the water show started. I started crying so hard that I had to leave the room. At this point there was a class change and I have a whole new group of kids.

At lunch I was telling the others about it and the (awfully annoying) student teacher was sitting next to me. She is a student from BYU Idaho (need I say more ...) who is very immature and quite bitter that she is still single. Trust me ... it is bad! ANYWAY. She apparently is insulin resistant and can tell me the best places to buy sugar free candy and crystal light. I told her that Crystal Light and I don't get along all that well and she said "well what are you going to drink then?" ... um WATER! I snubbed her a bit ... but I snubbed everyone that was giving me advice so I don't feel too bad. I don't do well with bad news on the first day ... I reserve every right to be irrational. Clearness of mind can come tomorrow. Tonight I want to sulk!

After school Lynsey and I went to celebrate my last day on french fries and soda. She also had a bad (to say the least) week and we just needed venting time to get it out of our system. It was just what I needed. If only I could just have enjoyed the coke. The sprite wasn't too bad.

Good luck me! I am in it for the next 7 - 11 weeks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck

Change is a difficult thing ... especially if it is a change that you didn't expect, didn't plan for, or didn't want. I want to be clear that this post will be IDENTICAL to as it is now (with the exception of the pictures and a change of the name) had John McCain won the presidential election.

I wish President Barak Obama the best of luck for the next four years. This is a job that so few people want or are capable of doing. I hope that he makes good decisions for our country. I recognize that he will make some bad ones ... who wouldn't? He is going to learn and grow ... and that is all I can ask for. He is our President and he deserves my respect. That I freely give!

I don't agree with all of his political views. But I honestly think that he is a good man who is a good husband and father. I believe that he has values and will stand by them. I believe that every decision he makes will be with the interest of our country in mind. Good Luck President Obama!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Jury's Still Out

I don't have a bladder infection -- and my blood count is just fine. That means that the dreaded call I received from Cottonwood Hospital last week was because I failed my 1 hour glucose test. I am okay with it ... now. I still think that it sucks ... but all I can hope for is to pass my 3 hour test.

I went to the hospital yesterday morning to get my tests done. They draw blood when you get there, make you take a nasty drink (the first half wasn't too bad ... better than the one hour drink ... but by the end it tasted like you were just swallowing sugar!). They then draw your blood every hour for three hours. I had my first "stick" at about 8 so I was done at 11. You have to go in fasting ... so by 11 I was FAMISHED! Joe gets off of work at 11:30 for lunch so I went to costco to eat their free samples while I waited for him.

I should find out in about a week what the diagnosis is. I am planning to fail it ... the red flags are still flying ... I just hope for the best. I figure that it is only 10 weeks ... and if my (big) little man comes early it will be even less. Besides, it may not be bad to get back on some better eating habits -- help me transition for when he comes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Been Looking and Looking ...

For a good Chinese restaurant! I grew up going to the same Chinese place. I am accustomed to their flavor and no other place has quite matched up. When Joe and I moved into our little home we ordered from Sanpan Chinese ... but lately I haven't been liking it. I don't know that their quality is as high as it used to be.

Tonight Chinese sounded great so we HAD to find one. We tried a little place on 7600S and Redwood. We sat there for close to twenty minutes without being acknowledged! They didn't even give us water ... We left and tried ENJOY Chinese Cuisine on 78ooS and about 2600W. We thought the name was cheesy and perhaps it could be a cheap buffet. To our surprise the food was EXCELLENT -- the prices reasonable -- and the portions enormous! Our server was right on top of it. As soon as we ordered he brought the egg drop soup YUM. We were about half finished with the soup and our wontons and egg rolls arrived. As we were finishing our last bite of appetizers ... here comes our huge plate of sweet and sour pork and orange chicken. We took enough home to eat tomorrow ... maybe twice! The meal came to just over $17.

I have finally found my Chinese place!!

that's thank you in Mandarin

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've Never Wanted a Bladder Infection so Badly in my ENTIRE Life ...

I was wrong. When you see the "Cottonwood Hospital" on your caller ID it is a bad thing. I checked my voicemail last night at about six and saw that the hospital had called. I only tested for three things ... Gestational Diabetes, anemia, and Bladder Infection. When I didn't receive the phone call on Friday I thought that I was in the clear. If I had received the phone call on Friday ... I would have been prepared for it and not have taken it as awful as I did last night. Of course they never really tell you anything on the phone -- you have to call them back. When you call you have to leave a message and they have to call you! It is this terrible cycle of just not getting ahold of each other.

This news set me into a state of depression last night. I played tough and told Joe that I was okay ... but I wasn't. I stayed up watching DUMB t.v. shows last night so I wouldn't have to think about it, but when I went to bed nothing kept my mind off of it. I cried for close to an hour.

I am scared. I am angry. I am frustrated. In the back of my mind ... I know that IF I have this problem it is better to get it taken care of -- but that's not what I want to hear right now. I am upset.

(Note that if your comment is "it's going to be okay" oriented ... it will probably be deleted. Comfort will be accepted once I am not upset anymore.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where in the Teacher Handbook ...

Where in the teacher handbook does it tell you what to do when half of your class is jumping on the desks screaming because there is a mouse in your classroom? I totally looked ... couldn't find it. It is amazing how a three inch little monster can cause such ... mayhem.

I hope Felix, my new little mouse that lives in my classroom, will behave himself! I was teaching today and a couple of students snicker. I asked what's up and they said that there was a mouse in the corner. I didn't believe them. They went to look and it wasn't to be found. SO we kept going ... barely. THEN they yell that he is climbing the wall. By the time the lights were turned on -- he had disappeared. Phantom Mouse. By this time ... all control was lost. Then Felix decided that an audience was not what he needed and scrambled to my back room. Man he is fast. I decided to just give my students their homework ... I had no control. I went and got my fearless neighbor and we went and checked out the backroom. (I guess SHE checked it out. I did tell her however that I was fully prepared to run if the bugger showed his little face!) I turned around and about 15 little faces were pressed up against the glass window.

I am all about pets ... and have had my fair share of rodents even ... but much prefer the ones bred for pets ... not the disease infested ones that are lurking in my classroom! Mrs. Husted is going to bring in the "reinforcements" to take care of the problem. EW!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

16 days

16 days is the longest winter holiday I EVER remember having from school! It was so nice to have two full weeks off. Here are some of the things that we/I accomplished with my time off:

1. Started my Christmas Shopping on Monday the 22nd. I am also proud to announce that I finished my shopping that day too!

2. Made an 8x8 brag book for my parents. "Darwin" will be their first grand baby ... so we figured that they would LOVE a little book for him. It showcases all of the major events happening in his first year of life. Here are some of my favorites:

I am quite proud of this project. I don't do "boy" very well. I would say that for every one "manly" stamp set I own ... I have at least 4 flower stamp sets to go with it. This does not include the alphabets or seasonal stamps. I am proud of my boy project.

3. Joe put up our Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve while super cleaned the kitchen. Working 10 hours a day makes it very difficult for me to have the energy to clean. I don't blame this one on the kid ... I have had this problem for years! I am not a clean-er ... but I am trying to be. I just kept thinking that all I want for Christmas is a clean kitchen ... which was true! My brother Greg also came home from Iraq on Christmas Eve. He came home early because of my Grandma's funeral. He missed it ... but it is nice to have him here. He goes back on the 9th. On Christmas Eve, the Sandman brings us a new pair of pajamas, to help us sleep better, and a Disney Movie. This year he brought us Peter Pan. He wanted to bring The Little Mermaid, (this is my favorite), but he figured that a boy would enjoy Peter Pan better. Joe said .... "all those girls in sea shells ... he would have like Mermaid just fine!".

4. Woke up at some obscene hour on Christmas Morning. Opened our gifts, finished the brag book and went back to bed.

5. We saw four different movies this break. Christmas Eve we saw Forever Strong with my family (LOVE IT). Joe and I went to Yes Man on Christmas Day. It was okay. We went to Marley and Me with my Family ... I bawled! I don't know if non-dog lovers would understand the movie in quite the same way. It is funny and they would enjoy that ... but maybe not get the point that even this monster dog is part of your family. Then Joe and I took Ian and Zach, (my two brothers) to see Bedtime Stories. It was the BEST Adam Sandler movie that we have ever seen. NOTHING inappropriate. GOOD GOOD family flick! Loved it.

6. I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week cleaning the house and making a crib skirt for the nursery. I am not a seamstress ... so I am quite pleased with how this turned out. I have a pattern, but couldn't understand the instructions all that well. I looked at the picture and figured that i could recreate it. Who needs instructions? So I did. I only hope it fits the bed. It should. Now I am going to start working on the bumpers.

7. For the first time ... that I can remember, I don't count before five ... I didn't stay up to watch the ball drop in Time Square. Joe and I finished cleaning the house in preparation for getting our carpets cleaned on New Years Day. They were way over do! We picked up my brothers to help us. Ian spent most of the morning cleaning the basement. It was the worst. While doing that Zach and I primed the baby's room so it is ready to paint. Joe went throughout the house and filled in many holes and nicks that are on our walls. We now have a bunch of patches throughout our house and have committed ourselves to painting it before we move. We would do that anyway ... and moving is not in the near future so we figured that WE could live with the patchwork. After a Cafe Rio lunch, Joe took over the cleaning, I worked on patching holes, Ian kept the dogs out of the way and Zach demoed the bathroom a bit more. He couldn't remove any of the junk ... so it is quite messy right now, but we are almost ready to start rebuilding the wall! It was a nice productive day!

8. Copper came to sit with me on the couch while I read my book Friday afternoon. The sleeping bags that need to go to the cleaners were sitting on the couch -- just to get them off of the floor for the cleaning. Copper always seems to find the most comfortable spot in the house.

9. Joe's parents and sister came over on Friday night. Sammy, Joe's nephew, was baptized on Saturday Morning. It was a good thing they drove up a day early because of all of the snow. I thought that I would feed them "Stohel Style" while they were here. We ate a yummy enchillada meal -- my dad's recipe -- and watched the UofU football game. On Saturday we had French Toast with Cheese in the middle. I have been eating it this way my entire life. I don't really care for it without the cheese. It is just like a grilled cheese sandwich but with the egg of the french toast. You put syrup and jam on it like you would french toast. YUM!

When I was introduced to the Boucher Family, Sammy was just born. Now he was just baptized. That is so crazy that he is that big! It was a nice day!

10. Now I am waiting to get ready to go to church. I am going to go and make breakfast, and get ready. I have learned that it is easier to get to church when you are ready far in advance ... not scrambling at the last minute. I am looking forward to a 1:00 church. I can eat breakfast AND lunch before I go and not have to worry about getting sick with lack of food. the 11:00 time was very difficult for me to figure out. When we went -- I tried to stay for as long as I could, but Joe often drove me home so I could eat and he would go back to Elder's quorum. I know that other people have been pregnant and figured out the whole 11:00 thing ... but I never did. I am excited about the later meeting.

11. I got a text from a friend the other day -- that I never responded to ... sorry! -- that asked if I was ready for Monday. At that time I wasn't ... but now I think that I am. I have had a full break. Busy. I have worked hard and gotten a lot done. I miss my students and I am ready to go back. I have no idea what I am teaching this week ... so I will have to get to school early to get stuff ready .. but I am excited. AND next week I get to start my favorite chapter in Geometry ... who wouldn't be excited? (I am sure the kids won't be!! ... but I LOVE TRIG!)

Well if you made it to the end ... good job! I figured that I would do one long post instead of 11 small ones. I hope you enjoyed your Holiday weeks ... and
have a good New Year!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 out of 3

Today marks the start of my 3rd Trimester .... two down ... one to go!! Here comes baby!

Friday, January 2, 2009

No News is Good News

With my doctor, you only know that there is a problem if they contact you. When "Western OBGyn" shows up on the caller ID the day after your appointment ... there is a reason to be nervous. When I got a message to call my Dr. the day after my first appointment I about wet myself. It turned out that I just had a bladder infection and nothing was wrong ... but I still tend to worry.

I went to my appointment on Tuesday. With the holiday this week I didn't know if my test results would be back on New Years Eve or today. I am pleased to announce that I didn't hear anything about my blood work ... and I am hoping that I have waited long enough to assume that my blood work was fine and no gestational diabetes for me! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!