Friday, January 30, 2009

Bloody Finger

Okay gross .. I know. I went to the diabetes clinic yesterday and they talked to Joe and I about what I need to do to keep my blood sugar in check. They talked about how having Gestational Diabetes can affect my baby. Basically his insulin levels are fine but because of all of the extra sugar in my body he can be a ... big baby. Also, if he is used to getting all of that sugar, when he is "off" that sugar supply his level could plummet. I can't remember what the technical term is. SO they plugged in my data (weight, age, and height) to tell me how many carbs I can have with my 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. I just need to figure out what I like to eat as snacks ... that is the hardest part. I am a carb person. This will be good for me ... but it will also be a hassle!

Oh ... about the bloody fingers. I was talking literal. I have to check my blood sugar FOUR times a day. I hate pushing the button that makes me bleed. I have to check it in the morning before I have eaten ... and two hours after every meal. If the levels are high ... I need to cut down on carbs and up the protein. If it is low have a snack. The point is to keep my levels balanced so it doesn't affect my little man.

I also found out that when I took the three hour glucose test ... I passed the first and last blood draw, just not the middle two. Dang those middle two. Had I passed just one more of them I wouldn't have to do this. Oh Well :)


Mandee Lue said...

My goodness, it does seem like a hassle! I'm sorry you have to poke your fingers every day... icky! But, this too shall pass, and thankgoodness your due date is about 2 months away!

PS - your class was fantastic yesterday!