Monday, January 5, 2009

Where in the Teacher Handbook ...

Where in the teacher handbook does it tell you what to do when half of your class is jumping on the desks screaming because there is a mouse in your classroom? I totally looked ... couldn't find it. It is amazing how a three inch little monster can cause such ... mayhem.

I hope Felix, my new little mouse that lives in my classroom, will behave himself! I was teaching today and a couple of students snicker. I asked what's up and they said that there was a mouse in the corner. I didn't believe them. They went to look and it wasn't to be found. SO we kept going ... barely. THEN they yell that he is climbing the wall. By the time the lights were turned on -- he had disappeared. Phantom Mouse. By this time ... all control was lost. Then Felix decided that an audience was not what he needed and scrambled to my back room. Man he is fast. I decided to just give my students their homework ... I had no control. I went and got my fearless neighbor and we went and checked out the backroom. (I guess SHE checked it out. I did tell her however that I was fully prepared to run if the bugger showed his little face!) I turned around and about 15 little faces were pressed up against the glass window.

I am all about pets ... and have had my fair share of rodents even ... but much prefer the ones bred for pets ... not the disease infested ones that are lurking in my classroom! Mrs. Husted is going to bring in the "reinforcements" to take care of the problem. EW!


Joanie said...

I thought this was a funny post. You need to ask Sarah, Queen of Kindergarten, what to do (LOL)! Just set some traps and the rest is history (oh, but in your room it's math)