Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Been Looking and Looking ...

For a good Chinese restaurant! I grew up going to the same Chinese place. I am accustomed to their flavor and no other place has quite matched up. When Joe and I moved into our little home we ordered from Sanpan Chinese ... but lately I haven't been liking it. I don't know that their quality is as high as it used to be.

Tonight Chinese sounded great so we HAD to find one. We tried a little place on 7600S and Redwood. We sat there for close to twenty minutes without being acknowledged! They didn't even give us water ... We left and tried ENJOY Chinese Cuisine on 78ooS and about 2600W. We thought the name was cheesy and perhaps it could be a cheap buffet. To our surprise the food was EXCELLENT -- the prices reasonable -- and the portions enormous! Our server was right on top of it. As soon as we ordered he brought the egg drop soup YUM. We were about half finished with the soup and our wontons and egg rolls arrived. As we were finishing our last bite of appetizers ... here comes our huge plate of sweet and sour pork and orange chicken. We took enough home to eat tomorrow ... maybe twice! The meal came to just over $17.

I have finally found my Chinese place!!

that's thank you in Mandarin


Real Mom, Real Life said...

I totally understood XieXie because my little girl is addicted to Nie Hou, Ki Lan... Yay for me!

And have fun feasting at your new place

Lynsey said...

I'm glad you found a place. I still LOVE Joy Luck (106th and State, but the Bountiful location is better) and the Golden Isle (53rd just went of I15). Jer love Magic Wok (53rd and Bangerter), but I don't care for it too much, though the sweet and sour pork is very good. I'll have to check out your new place...I am a big fan of Chinese

Joanie said...

You will laugh... I had to read your post 3 times before I could figure out the the name of the place was ENJOY (hmmm... maybe the caps should have been my first clue! LOL) Glad you found a good place!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I wanna go! I have a favorite place here it town but it's not as cheap as next time we totally have a date to go to the ENJOY place.