Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck

Change is a difficult thing ... especially if it is a change that you didn't expect, didn't plan for, or didn't want. I want to be clear that this post will be IDENTICAL to as it is now (with the exception of the pictures and a change of the name) had John McCain won the presidential election.

I wish President Barak Obama the best of luck for the next four years. This is a job that so few people want or are capable of doing. I hope that he makes good decisions for our country. I recognize that he will make some bad ones ... who wouldn't? He is going to learn and grow ... and that is all I can ask for. He is our President and he deserves my respect. That I freely give!

I don't agree with all of his political views. But I honestly think that he is a good man who is a good husband and father. I believe that he has values and will stand by them. I believe that every decision he makes will be with the interest of our country in mind. Good Luck President Obama!


Real Mom, Real Life said...

Right there with you...

Wishing him luck, giving him my respect and praying for his guidance!

Kirsten said...

He's gonna need it. Who wouldn't?