Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Verdict is In

I received the dreaded call today from the Cottonwood Hospital. I have Gestational Diabetes. It probably will only be throughout this pregnancy ... but it is possible that it could turn into permanent Type II diabetes ... which is what I DO NOT want! It will be good to get back into a more healthy routine ... but I was having none of that today! Here is how my afternoon panned out:

My phone goes off in the middle of fourth. The kids make fun a bit ... I look at the number and realize it's my doctors. I told them that I would wait to take the phone call after lunch so I could enjoy one last meal! I listened to my message while they were working on their homework and called the "diabetes office". I will go in on the 29th for more info. I got off the phone and one of my cute 7th graders asked if I was going to eat healthy for lunch. My response ... "NO I'm ticked! I'm going to have a cheese roll!" Totally bad for you ... complete comfort food. I texted my dad and Joe ... that's when the water show started. I started crying so hard that I had to leave the room. At this point there was a class change and I have a whole new group of kids.

At lunch I was telling the others about it and the (awfully annoying) student teacher was sitting next to me. She is a student from BYU Idaho (need I say more ...) who is very immature and quite bitter that she is still single. Trust me ... it is bad! ANYWAY. She apparently is insulin resistant and can tell me the best places to buy sugar free candy and crystal light. I told her that Crystal Light and I don't get along all that well and she said "well what are you going to drink then?" ... um WATER! I snubbed her a bit ... but I snubbed everyone that was giving me advice so I don't feel too bad. I don't do well with bad news on the first day ... I reserve every right to be irrational. Clearness of mind can come tomorrow. Tonight I want to sulk!

After school Lynsey and I went to celebrate my last day on french fries and soda. She also had a bad (to say the least) week and we just needed venting time to get it out of our system. It was just what I needed. If only I could just have enjoyed the coke. The sprite wasn't too bad.

Good luck me! I am in it for the next 7 - 11 weeks.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love you sweety! Any way I can help out, even if you just need to vent...just call/email/txt. Praying for you!

John and Kim said...

I would have done the same thing might as well have one last day of not thinking about what is going in your mouth. Hope all will go well from here on. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya!

Mom and Dad said...

Dear Jen: Love ya, love ya, love ya. Anything we can do to help out, all you have to do is ask!

Kirsten said...

Any time you need the influence of an evil temptress, just stop by. I will happily indulge your tastes, whatever they might for the single disgruntled student teacher...I have only this to say...PSHAW...what a dumb thing to get hung up on. Single life rocks if you want it to!

The Broughs said...

I am SO sorry to hear your bad news! Not fun at all! Good for you for eating some comfort food!