Thursday, January 6, 2011

GOAL #11 .... CHECK!

Goal #11was to go through Jace's toys, throw out the junk, "box" the baby, and organize the now. With such a generous santa and others this year spoiling my kid senseless ... this was a MUST DO for my January 'to do' list. I decided that today was the day!

I started by getting all of the little toys out of my bedroom and bringing them into Jace's room to be sorted. You can see his toys are really messy, and he doesn't have a ton, but I was excited to
feel like I was simplifying my life by removing some of the unused. I organized his closet, took toys and hid them under the stairs (and prayed that the spiders and bugs wouldn't get them!!).
I put new toys in his newly emptied closet and refilled his drawers in his book shelf.

Then we went downstairs (didn't get a before pic). Emptied his toy bin and sifted through those toys. VOILA!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Want to come organize Robert's room! I'm afraid we have a clothing overload in our house that needs to be taken care of!!!

Lynsey said...

Yay! I desperately need to do a toy purge of Ethan's stuff.

Mom and Dad said...

Know what Jen? Toys are to help your kiddies be happy . . . But if they bug you and make life hard, that's not "happy". Neat is nice! You have the right idea dearie!!!