Friday, September 19, 2008

Same Old Same Old ....

When I first started blogging, I would check my website multiple times a day to see if any of my dear friends have updated their blog. I would get excited to learn about all the happenings in my friend's life, (I still do!) ... and get aggravated when blogs weren't updated. "It's been a week ... and nothing new!"

Now that I have my life back and it is between the months of September and June ... I find myself falling in the same -- non-posting rut. SO for those of you that check out my blog and there has been nothing to report for several weeks -- I am sorry! My day to day life consists of:

1. waking up at the latest moment possible
2. jump into the shower
3. do the "getting ready" stuff including feed dogs, put hair in pony tail, eat breakfast, etc.
4. go to work and try to convince 200 people that M.A.T.H. I.S. the Most Awesome Thing Here In School. (it's an acronym ... cute!)
5. come home and decide what's for dinner ... usually cafe rio or something close to that.
6. watch a favorite television show ... play teacher and grade papers, or something else.
7. go to bed
8. start over.

It seems like a boring schedule ... and I don't have much to share. As soon as something exciting comes my way ... I will be sure to post it. I apologize for the lack of Boucher Update ... This is the life of a teacher I guess :)


Jess and Jen said...

I feel the same way. I have a hard time finding anything out of the ordinary to blog about. Jess is always good for finding some random thing (or crazy picture) to post about!

Lynsey said...

Summer does make it easy to spend all day at the computer hoping that people will update their blogs. I still check mine multiple times a day. I get to annoyed when they aren't updated, so thanks for updating yours. I know that live gets pretty routine, but you can always post funny student stories.

brandi said...

Well I have missed your regular posts. You are such a good writer and always seemed to be having an adventure. I am glad to hear your school routine is going well!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I am still in the check-everybody's-blog-twice-a-week phase. But I only post something once a week at most, so I feel your pain sis. Seriously, teachering is tough work, does nobody realize that? All the work you get paid for (at school) plus all the work you don't (at school, before & after, and at home). We have a new teacher this year and Kathryn (10+ years teaching K) expressed her worry that Jane is spending too much time on planning. Hello! She only has to familiarize herself with entirely new math & language arts programs. That takes no time! Whatever! So, just be happy that things are at least in a pattern that's not too heinous! Teaching is tough!

stephanie stohel said...

you give me crap now i can give you some WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Shauna said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! I do keep up on your blog and enjoy it! You are awesome Jen Have a great week Hugs :)