Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Day

I've never been big into holidays. None of them really. Joe and I have our few traditions ... but nothing spectacular. This year, we decided to change all of that! I'm going big! (wait til PI day ...)

We started a new tradition, which we hope it to become an annual tradition if Grannie and Grandad approve, of going to Elsinore for New Years Eve. Oh we all had a blast. Well, the next holiday is Valentines and I had a plan.

Jace woke up early and we surprised him with his valentines gift. Of course, a new book ... he loves books! We then ate pink pancake breakfast. It has been a long time since the whole family has eaten breakfast together ... usually we wake up after dad leaves for work. After breakfast, and dad going to work, Jace and I got ready for the day. He played around in his room while I made chocolate
covered strawberries as part of Joe's
Surprise. After that was over we took a trip to the zoo. I didn't take in a stroller, so it was just Jace and myself. He loved being free to roam around and have a good time. I did have to carry him at moments, but I just threw him on my shoulders and off we
went! You know you are having a good day when your son falls asleep because of pure exhaustion!

After the zoo and lunch, it was time to get ready for Joe's surprise. We sometimes do a fun activity called a "sleep over" I don't even remember when or how it started, but we'll pull our bed mattress from our bedroom to the basement and watch a movie on the "big TV". I single handedly pulled that big thing down all our stairs (thank goodness for gravity!) and moved on.

The next part of the surprise goes something like this

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I'm so lucky to be TIED to you

Follow the string
it's your only clue
Somewhere at the end is a surprise for you

I had proceeded to take a large skeen of yarn and wrap it around our entire house. What a maze! Poor Jace was getting clothes lined for the last two hours before his dad came home! (no pic ...
doh!) We then took the dogs, locked ourself in the bedroom and waited for Dad to come home. I got all dolled up (which for me is a big deal :) Poor Joe is becoming accustomed to my regular
pony tail!) and waited. I heard him open the door and just chuckle. It probably took him a good thirty minutes to find us, and at the end of the string was his gift ... something RED.

I then said: "Put on a TIE ... we're gettine THAI!" (but then told him that he doesn't have to wear the tie ... I didn't want to wear a dress!)

It was fun showing the ones I love that I LOVE them. It wasn't really romantic at all ... just a fun day with my two boys. Whom I LOVE.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

You guys are the cutest! Sounds like you had a fabulous day after all :)

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

You're adorable!! So so cute!!