Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

I think that I did an awesome job of making goals for the Month of January. Some were pretty simple, and others took a lot of effort. While I didn't complete every goal that I made, a lot got done that wouldn't have, had I not written the goals in the first place. I started to think about different goals that I want to make a while ago, and after much consideration .... here is my list for February:

1) Surprise Joe
2) Take dinner to someone
3) Wear makeup for no reason
4) Blog about something ordinary
5) Get a Will
6) Run 30 miles
7) Arrange a play date for Jace and do it at least 2 times
8) Research proper comma and semi-colon use
9) Scrapbook Jace's 2nd and 3rd month pictures
10) Tear down walls and ceiling in Master Bath
11) Read a non-fiction book
12) Register for a 5K
13) Make and Send Valentines day cards
14) Complete CH 1 in my calculus book
15) Get a new look