Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bean Bag Project

It's no secret that I LOVE numbers. If I had my way, Jace's whole room would be decorated in them, but my wise husband told me once that I could not force numbers on my son or he would learn to hate them ... I don't know who actually COULD hate numbers .... but since
Joe is usually always right, I followed his counsel.

Well, my friend, Cortney, showed me this project a few weeks ago. It won't surprise anyone to learn that I was ready to jump in feet first! It was perfect. Then my little brain started turning. we could use Stampin' Up! Stuff!!! I had wanted to make something using the big shot and fabric for awhile now, and
this was the perfect introductory for it.

Well, I learned a lot and the project is DONE! I am so
pleased with how they turned out. I can't wait for Jace to wake up from his nap and find them in his Easter Basket ...ahem
*the bunny asked me to make them for him. Bunny was too busy!*


Jess and Jen said...

Those are cute! What a lucky little guy!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

So adorable! How did I miss this one? I am the queen of the alphabet and numbers....oh and anything to do with I get how you feel about numbers. You can be sneaky about introducing them to the monkey without making him hate them. I know that. Kids just learn to love what you love!