Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 2: 8 squared

For my 2nd week of the : 6 weeks to a healthier me, I decided to concentrate on having 64 oz of water per day. Water is something that I either get a lot of, or nothing at all. I don't drink carbonation anymore, {{thanks Steph! 5 months "sober" :) }} and I know how important water is for you.

Results: I've done much much better this week than normal. Most days I got my 64 oz in. I don't feel however that I have completely mastered this goal, so I am going to focus on this one and my last one before moving on to something bigger. Week 3's goal will be to exercise at least 20 min a day. That will be big!


Beano-Bayno said...

This is really cool. You've definitely done better, with your water, these past couple weeks. That's an area I just can't get under control, though I think I drink a lot more, now that I'm exercising more regularly.

Go Jen! :)