Thursday, June 30, 2011

a Micro Miner

One major perk about working at a high school is the built in day care. Bingham's day care is incredibly hard to get into ... especially if you don't work in the building as they give top priority to their teachers. When Jace was a baby we tried to get into their program. I was on the waiting list before he was born (so probably in January or so) and I found out in May that didn't make it in.

While I was interviewing the Principal told me about their on site daycare. The dept. chair mentioned that there would be a waiting list and the principal shot back: "not for one of our own!" Last night I got a call from the daycare director and we got it all set up. I'll need to find someone to watch Jace for 5 days until it officially opens ... but we're in.

We'll be paying only $75 more than we were paying before ($475 is cheap day care!)
The center provides 2 meals and 2 snacks
Jace will have several excited girls playing with him throughout the day
Jace will get more structured learning times and more interaction with other kids (hopefully learn to SHARE ... )
... and best of all ...
He gets to come to work with me. No carting him around to one place or the other -- No leaving home 75 minutes early to be to work on time -- and if I need to work later than 4:00 ..... he can come in and watch toy story in my classroom!

Leaving Jace is the only reason that I'm sad about returning to work. He's a rock star kid and I've really enjoyed having our laid back life this year .... but if I'm going back, this is the PRIME situation! We are very excited.


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Mandee Lue said...

What a prime deal indeed!!!! HOW AWESOME!!! This is seriously ideal and fabulous!! Good luck, Jen!!!

John and Kim said...

I'm so happy for. I know how hard it is to leave kids at home, so I'm so glad that you are able to bring him along with you each day. Good Luck at going back to school!