Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Closer ...

Joe and I have never been good at Family Home Evening. It seems like whenever we would decide to do a FHE, we'd work on our family budget -- so it never really was FHE. When Jace was born, we knew we needed to get serious about it -- but it still seemed awkward to do FHE with a 4 week old. So we quickly got back out of the habit. During the last General Conference, both Joe and I felt like we needed to work on this. Jace is getting to the age that he can listen, participate, and now is a great time to start getting into that habit -- while Jace is still young.

Joe bought the nursery manual today and that will be our FHE guide until further notice. Tonight we had a fun lesson on I am a Child of God, Jace and I made a picture to put in his room, and afterwards painted the pumpkins that we bought last week.

I'm grateful that we have inspired programs that we get to take part in. I want a forever family, and I never want to look back and think: "could I have done more?" We are miles away from being perfect .... but I feel like we are getting a little bit closer.


Lynsey said...

So fun and so cute! Way to get a little closer!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That boy is so freaking cute! What are you gonna do? Have another one, I guess :) May as well have as many as you can if they come out that adorable. Send me a message when you know which flavor #2 is!