Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Week Day 4

It's been A LONG time since our family has gone swimming. Joe LOVES it -- I'm ok with it -- but I do enjoy taking Jace -- and Jace has a good time too. We do feel that it is extremely important that he is comfortable in the water -- I never learned how to swim, and it still makes me a little nervous ... but not too bad anymore. ANYWAY ... For day 4 of our birthday week we wanted to take Jace swimming. In the future, it won't cost anything, but we did need to buy him a new set of swim trunks and we invested in a reusable swim diaper. (Those Swim Huggies are PRICEY!!) Here's a photo recap of our night:

(Allow me to have a mom moment and get a bit sad at how BIG my little boy is getting!! Look at those pictures -- he is NOT a baby anymore!!) At least he's still a sweet heart!!