Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"If You've Had Knee Replacement ... "

Today was my first day in my new water aerobics class. Lynsey, (a good friend from work,) and I have committed to this class every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at the Kearns Rec Center. There were approximately 25 50 - 70 year olds ... and us! It was fun watching all of the people in the class. Right when we got into the pool we were bombarded by the social chairperson. I am now a member of the "easy does it" social group! My favorite line of the entire day was ... "If you've had knee replacement surgery, keep your knees bent." It is just not a phrase you expect to hear everyday!


Lynsey said...

It was too much fun! I'm glad we are going to get to be a part of the social network! And keep those knees bent!

Rebecca said...

love this post - my mom (who had knee replacement sugery) totally took a class like this - but stear clear of the locker room afterward - at least she would have some scary stories as the old women would "bear" all. Oh the good times - I hope you enjoy your class and we really do need to hang out sometime this summer!