Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My $50 Toes

I am currently in Colorado with my little sister's basketball team. I was the official team driver. Everything that they need to get to is within walking distance from the dorms that they are staying in -- so I get to pretty much play for four days! I have gone to a couple of games each day and it is so fun to watch Steph -- or Stohel as I now know her as -- do her "thang". Today, while I was roaming around the Mesa Mall, I found a nail salon and thought -- hey I've never got a pedicure before -- why not on my solo vacation! SO I sat down and they worked their wonders! The nice man seemed to keep trying to upgrade my pedicure -- so my toes went from a $25 trip to a $50. I figured for my first time ... why not? I don't know how much I especially like my toes -- although I think that they will be fine in a week or two once they grow out a bit -- but my legs feel SO SO soft and clean! I will definitely have to do this again ... I'm thinking once a month!

So my camera kind of died while I am here in CO -- long story -- so here is my best shot of my feet using my computer camera ... it took me several tries to get anything but my ankles! hehe!


Lynsey said...

I've been needing a pedicure! I'm jealous that you got one. Your toes look great!

Jess and Jen said...

How fun to have a vacation for a few days! Pedicures are great! I always want to just stare at my toys for the next few days!


brandi said...

ahhh, a good pedicure. One of my big loves in life.