Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Healthier You

Every time I see someone running on the side of the road I wish I could be like them. I wish that I had the motivation (and stamina) to do what they do. It finally dawned on me ... why can't I do it? Joe and I bought Jace his "jeep" and are ready to get rolling. I'm sure that Joe isn't challenged much anymore running with me ... but more importantly we are getting healthier together and teaching Jace good habits.

We go running every other day and on the "off" days we strap Jace in his back pack and take the dogs for a walk. It is a great way to spend time as a family ... and to keep Jace awake so that he sleeps through the night. BRILLIANT!


Beano-Bayno said...

I'm really proud of you, Honey. I've been having fun exercising together.