Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Baby?

We have wanted to take Jace swimming for a long time. Well we were going to Lagoon -- and thought that we could take him to lagoon-a-beach when we were done with the rides and when it was starting to get hot. The night before we bought him his swim diapers and a little life jacket. We strapped him up and started out to the water.

I walked in the water and, to my surprise, it was pretty cold! SO we took him to a very shallow part of the pool -- thinking it would be warmer since it was ... shallow. Unfortunately the temperature was about the same. Joe and I sat down and put Jace's toes in the water. It wasn't surprising at all that he didn't like it. He cried and cried. I guess we don't have a COLD water baby. Now we need to find a pool that is warmer so that we can try again. Oh well! We got some cute pictures. That's all that matters really.


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

i totally love his cheeks in these pictures!!! and seriously you can't tell me sunday you have cute pictures and not get them up until TUESDAY. j/k :) it looks like the Pabst took their kiddies to the Oquirrah pool and their kids loved it. I bet it's warmer :)

Lynsey said...

We should take our boys to the fitness center to go swimming...I've been wanting to go! Jace looks super cute in his life vest!

Jess and Jen said...

The outdoor pool at the Kearns Rec Center is very warm. The new splash one is kind of cold, but if you go the one next to it you'll be much warmer! He does look super cute in his swim gear!

Mom and Dad said...

So Jen, I looked at the expression over that little floatee deal you had for Jace and KNEW the water was cold. I remember how he hollered during those first baths!
How can a little person be miserable and so cute at the same time?