Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 Months already

A couple of weeks ago I went to a party. There was another little girl there and the mom asked how old Jace was. I said 4 1/2 months. I then proceeded to ask how old her baby was and she said 7. Now CLEARLY this girl was smaller than Jace -- so I stuttered: Weeks? "No Months" the woman replied. Jace could eat her. He is getting SO SO big! I can hardly handle it. It saddens me to know that our daytime hours are limited -- since I will be going back to work on Thursday. He is so much fun to be around -- and I love him very much!

At 5 months I can ...

He has made such phnominal progress in the last month. He can now successfully roll from his front to his back, (but he has been doing that for months now ... ) and from his back to his belly. Today he was crawling in circles on the floor -- it is just a matter of time until he puts some distance into the crawls. Jace is eating "big boy" food now -- just trying squash yesterday for the first time. He finished his bowl clean at dinner. He is on a pretty routine schedule -- eating 4 times a day + 2 solid foods, taking 2 naps, and sleeping well into the morning. We might just have to start waking him up in order to get to work on time! He has just started playing with his toes. He will giggle when you dance with him and talk to you while you ... pretty much do anything. He is still fascinated with everything around him -- loves to look at lights, fans, and watch his mommy drink from her water glass. Jace is in love with his dogs. He loves to play with them, pet them, and yes, even get kisses from them! I can't believe that it has been 5 months since his arrival into our lives!

This last month's adventures:
Playing with Millard the Moose
(brought back from Indiana!)

Showing Off DADDY'S dimples!

Hanging with Uncle Ian (Unca-E)
While Mom and Dad are at the Temple Open House

Rice Cereal for the First Time

My First Camp Trip to Fish Lake

Five Months(notice his rosy cheeks? He got a little sun camping ... oops!)