Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Answered Prayers

Last night we had a home teaching/FHE/Dinner with some friends in our ward. The home teaching lesson was on Prayer -- and specifically -- pointing out, especially to your children, when things you pray for are answered. Today I had such an experience.

Jace woke up VERY warm today. Our house is crazy hot -- very uncomfortable! Jace was burning up so I took his temperature -- I wasn't expecting to see 100.9! I apologized over and over again about the heat. I feel awful that HE has to suffer through it. I can deal with it ... as can Joe ... but Jace didn't ask to be this hot. I got down stairs and said a quiet prayer asking for help. Either an opportunity to get our air fixed, (which we can't afford), or relief in the weather.

As I was watching the 8a.m. news I was baffled to find that there is a storm that has been brewing for the last two weeks. The temperature will be nice and "cool" this weekend! (Relatively cool at least!) I am so grateful for answered prayers. I don't know how long this cool spell will last, but I am sure going to enjoy it this weekend.

BTW Jace's fever has broke ... and he is doing much better.


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

So awesome! Not that you're hot but that you can recognize Heavenly Father's hand in your life. I think it's supposed to cool off for a week. After that, you and Buddy, Alvin and Jace can all be friends when you need to cool off :) I'm sure they wouldn't mind visitors :)

Mom and Dad said...

Bless you, Jen. You are so good with your little boy. Glad your prayers were answered. Amazing how Heavenly Father is interested in "little things". What does daytime temperature have to do with eternal life . . . unless it is to know that Heavenly Father is TRULY interested in us!
Love ya!