Monday, November 16, 2009

Eight Months and Counting

This is my start of a string of posts that are FAR over due! I'll try to remember everything that has happened so far :)

I love my baby. Time just has flown! This last year has been full of such great blessings. My family is the sunshine in my life -- the reason that I love to live. I never knew how much being a mom would change me.

Eight Months
Jace just started giving kisses the other day. He LOVES to give kisses. He'll kiss your cheek, mouth, shoulder, leg ... He'll kiss the dogs, neighbors, and friends. There is nothing that i love more than a big slobbery kiss. Jace has now become mobile. He loves to crawl around the room and (for now) does a fairly good job staying out of what he is not supposed to get into. He has experimented with gravity several times, learning quickly (I hope) that he will never win. He is such a good, well mannered baby.

Yummy Biscuits
Just playin' (and showin off the dimples)
I love my toys!
Eight Months!


Mom and Dad said...

Jace is such a bright-eyed little bug . . . and so delighted with everything. What a wonderful, blessed little boy. Pictures of him will always be delightful! I just love that interested, involved little face!!!

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

He's so darn cute! I love it!

Karen said...

Seriously! You need to enter the DIMPLES picture in a "Cutest Baby" contest. Sweet little Jace needs to be on the cover of Parents magazine. Love your baby!!! =)