Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm gunna be a ....

When Jace was born, my siblings and I kept predicting what Jace would be when "he grows up". "He's gunna be a basketball player, look at those hands!" "No, he'll be a pianist!" "Look at his parents, that kid's gunna be a genious!" (I said that one!)

We discovered that you don't need an expensive fisher price piano when you have your own at home! He loves it.
He will sit there for quite a bit of time just jammin' out.
He immediately turns looking for approval. Once the "atta boy Jace"-s are exclaimed, he keeps on playin.

Whatever that kid's "gunna be" ... I will always be his proud mama.


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

He looks SOOOOOOOOO big in these pictures!!

Mecqae said...

He is going to be genius! Playing the piano at how many months now (7ish)? Genius!