Thursday, July 1, 2010

The #1 thing ...

There are many MANY things that I like about staying home ... but i would say that the absolute #1 thing I like MOST about staying home is the ability to do what I want to do .... when I want to do it! I can clean or read or cook or stamp or go out on a day date with Jace. Since last Friday, Jace and I have visited the zoo, wheeler farm, a friend in Ogden, and we had a friend hang out with us all day today! Here is a photo recap of our "friendly visits":

Playing in the sand with our new friend, Ian.

Eating breakfast with Robert.
Sharing my toys with Robert
(this is my favorite!)
Playing the Piano with Robert


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love the little diaper-butt pianists! Cute little monsters :)

Gramps said...

Eating Breakfast with Robert looks like an eTrade commercial. "It's only the captain speaking..."