Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Hobby!

Imagine your kid's first birthday. You are surrounded by friends and family. Your cute baby is "opening" his presents while the entire crowd oohs and awws over how .... strikingly adorable your little boy is. You strip him to his diaper and give him his first birthday cake, this cake by the way is spectacular. Any cake won't do ... you spent hours making it the night before. Your day is perfect.

Then imagine the grief you feel when practically every photo that was taken that day turned up ... BLURRY! The heartache. You won't ever get that day back! True story ... It was on March 16th that I decided I needed a new camera.

It was on July 28th that I got it. With my last big "you are a working mom" pay check ... Joe and I invested in our new toy. The Nikon D5000. It came with an ultra zoom lens and a "normal" one too. Also included was an awesome camera bag and more reading material than I can handle. (I want to take photography lessons soon ... I don't read user's manuals!)

I love it and it is so much fun. I now have to download Photoshop and start tweaking my pictures. Here is my first attempt as a "professional photographer". hehe. We were at Wheeler Farm, and the magnets are in my kitchen. Aunt Joanie ... I need you :)


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

I'm super jealous!! I want a new camera!!! I love mine but yeah, I want a new one :)

I love the pictures!

Joanie said...

OMHeck! I want some of those kitchen magnets!

AND lucky you with a new camera. You will never be happy with a little point & shoot again (although they are better than nothing)

Plus, you know I am just a phone call away... what are Aunties for anyway?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Looks like a pretty great camera. Mine is fairly low-tech. But I do like least I don't dislike it enough to go get another :)