Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Trek To Zion

We have not been on a family vacation for a long time. Probably before Jace was even made. Joe has been working some crazy long stressful hours at work and we decided to take a break from the world and go to Zions.

What a week we had! It was BEAUTIFUL!
70 degrees
not too crowded
open air
beautiful sights
and most importantly
FAMILY time!!

Here are some highlights from our vacation:

We weren't super prepared for our vacation. I brought a lot of food and snacks so we only ate out for our dinners ... but we forgot all containers, baggies, and utensils. SO we got creative. Our Wheat Thins ended up being a spoon and a knife for a day or two!!

After climbing up Walter's Wiggles (on the way to Angel's Landing) we turned to another path and went another 100 yards or more and got to a relatively flat space that we could let Jace out of his pack and wander without fear of falling off of the cliffs. We went and ate our lunch and had a fabulous time before heading back down the mountain!

He carried around that apple for about an hour or two ... a bite here, a bite there. He loves his fruit!

Jace did an awesome job this trip. Luckily he loves being outside and loves walking around in his little back pack. He pretty much was smiles the entire time!

This is where we stayed. It was beautiful! It was equipped with 2 large beds (bunk beds ... but queen size beds) a nice living room, bathroom with shower, sink, microwave, and mini {mini mini} fridge. It really wasn't camping!
Day 3 walk in the valley ... SO beautiful!

On our way up to the weeping rock.

This is the weeping rock waterfall. It was amazing. Jace didn't much like the cold water, but it felt good to be sheltered from the sun for a bit!

Many people would comment about how "lucky that little guy is to be carried" or "when is it my turn" or "I wish I could be carried" or whatever.

This last pic was taken on top of a major hill (and cliff ... so scary!!) But it was so rewarding once we got to the top ... (well the top before we got to the chain part of the hike. I stand firm that a good hike shouldn't require chains!!) We were able to see the whole side of the valley. It was awesome!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Looks like tons of fun and I love that you have make-up on in the first few pictures :)