Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Oh wow how I can't believe my baby boy is already two years old! Wow how the last two years have gone so fast. Jace is an awesome little boy and we love him so much!

Before I show off my fabulous birthday party, I'd like to mention some of Jace's favorite things and what's up in his little life.

Jace is babbling up a storm now. I'm sure he is saying so much more than what we can understand, but he's always just talking up a storm. Even as a small 2 year old you can tell that Jace is going to grow up and be a smart kid ... He loves {wow does he love} books. He doesn't care if they are picture books, or word books. He generally gets irritable when he can't read either Joe's or my books. He loves to just flip through the pages and has recently started asking what things are in the page. (That's the number 14 Jace ... that's the title Jace ... those are words Jace ..... ) To keep his mind well balanced is that he loves puzzles! He does awesome at finding where the pieces go (especially when the picture is on the back of the puzzle). He has started to put together his foam alphabet pieces too. He can find his letter J or Z or K or whatever. That kid has a brain.

Jace is generally a happy kid ... since turning 2, he has turned on a bit of a 2 year old behavior, but he is 9 times out of 10 a happy kid. Jace loves to be outside. We walked to church the other day and was angry when we had to get out of the stroller. He wanted to go back outside. He loves the park (although I feel like it's cruel that we live across the street from the park! He always want to go.) He is awesome and I love him very much

On to our birthday party

We took his grandparents to his favorite restaurant (pho) before the aunt and uncles came over to celebrate. It's not the favorite restaurant for some of his grandparents, but it was fun to be together and Jace loved it!!

We got home in time for all of the rest of our family (and a next door neighbor) to get there, we munched on monsters and just had a darn good time!

Here's some of our pictures from our party ... Here's for another good year Jace-y-boy! We sure love you.