Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is hard ... Celebrate BIG!

I have learned this year that sometimes life just gets you down. Let's face it ... life is tough! Think about your day ... how many different things do you have pulling at your time? In my life, I feel responsible to be a good mother, wife, person, church member, stamper, quilter, crafter, friend, and still find time for me. Sometimes we are thrown curve balls and are knocked down. Life is hard and I have come to realize that I need to fight back! Make the most of EVERY moment! Go BIG or GO HOME ...

So I did ...

I made these

I had a blast playing with these little monsters! It took about 4 hours to bake the cupcakes (I only have 1 set of silicone "tins" that I like so I could only do 12 at a time and there are 47 cupcakes!) and about 4 hours to frost with the help of my {{very patient}} mother in law.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE {{LuuuV}} the way they turned out! I'll do it over and over and over again!!


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

They're cute in the pictures but even cuter in person!