Saturday, May 21, 2011

Live Your Dreams 5K

Today I ran in the "Live Your Dreams" 5K. I have been training off and on for this race -- let's face it -- I would much rather race than condition! Competing against myself isn't any fun for me!

I had a goal to beat my fastest ever 5K time -- back in 2009. The time that I ran that race was 31 minutes and 26 seconds. As I came past the bend I saw 30:02 ... I sprinted to the end and I believe my final time is roughly 30:09 ... BUT we didn't have timing chips and I wasn't FIRST off the line ... so my time was probably around 30:04. Regardless ... I BEAT my fastest (and first) 5K time. Now it's time to start training for my next race in June ...

... it's to support infant and pregnancy loss

I feel that is an important one for ME to do!


Triny Kay said...

let me know some more info about the one in june....maybe i can get my butt in gear and do one with you =)

Cody said...

Congratulations! You're pretty much a Rock Star.