Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cousin Greyson

In the last year there has been a baby race to see which of the two Boucher babies would make their debut first.  Niki, David's wife (Bro #2) was surprised to learn that she was expecting another baby -- her only "baby" being 17 years old.  She has had many complications, and they didn't expect that Greyson would be able to stay in any longer than 32 weeks.  He didn't have much room to grow and he was very carefully monitored.  He was a good little boy though and waited to make his grand entrance until he was just over 36 weeks along.  Elsie was born on March 23rd and Greyson on April 12th.  When he was born, he weighed a whopping 5 lbs 2 oz.  We have been trying for a few weeks to get these two together -- because not only did we want to meet this little miracle, we wanted to see if our little girl looks like she weighs TWICE as much as her little cousin.

She does!

Jace doesn't have a cousin very close in age to him -- and Elsie is lucky to have TWO!  I can't wait to make multiple trips up to visit Dave, Niki, and her family -- and I hope that these two little babies grow close to each other!!!

 They were holding hands!


Scarlett said...

Oh my gosh! She is so cute! My daughter was a chunky baby and I LOVED it. So fun!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I do love that Alice in Wonderland dress. Or is it Underland? Anyway, those two are just too freaking cute. Yeah babies!