Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Month Come and Gone

We were sitting at dinner last night and I suddenly realized that Elsie's one month birthday came -- and we missed it!  I can't believe that it has been one month already.  On one hand -- one month has come (and gone) SO FAST!  Was it really just one month ago that we were in the hospital?  On the other hand -- it feels like she has been in our lives forever.  You know, I was thinking about that the other day.  It probably feels like she has been in our family forever ... because she HAS!  We knew each other before we were born -- and were obviously very close there -- it makes sense that bringing her home feels more like a reunion than a first meeting.

Elsie is a GEM!  We had a rocky start ... but after turning to formula ... she is thriving!  She has gone from sleeping all day (she wasn't eating) to having spurts of being awake.  She enjoys going on walks with the family -- as we try to get out daily.  It is fun to watch her with Jace -- when they cuddle together, she is obviously quite content and he loves it to!  She only wakes up once per night now (If you don't count the 11:00 feeding) and goes back to sleep right after.  She is days away from cooing and smiling at us isn't far behind that.  I love to watch the faces she makes when she sleeps ... and I LOVE to listen to her chuck in her sleep.  It instantly makes me laugh.  

Here are a few (a FEW?) moments of our last month

My belly the morning of her birth -- it looks like I'm carrying twins because she was 10.5 lbs!!

Just after she was born -- being cleaned up!
Elsie and Dad  (Less than 2 hrs old)
Elsie and Mom (Just out of the OR)
Siblings meeting each other for the first time
We're on our way home!
Elsie at the Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Morning
Snuggling in Mom and Dad's bed (they look like siblings!!)

1 month old


Sarah Elizabeth said...

She's so cute...but maybe I'm biased :) Her cheeks are just so kissy though! I really do think you should bring both kids up to visit the Ogden Bouchers and new baby Greyson who is BEYOND adorable too.
Speaking of your cute girl, I was looking at the froofy spring dresses on sale at ShopKo and trying to find one you might like enough to put her in it. Let's just say Auntie Sarah likes the baby clothes! Especially for kissy cheek baby girls :)

The Gag-nears said...

Jen, I am just reading about and seeing your cute little girl and she really is so cute! Congrats - what a beautiful family! We miss you guys! So awesome you get to stay home with those two now. What a blessing. Love you and again - CONGRATS!!!