Friday, April 6, 2012

The Story of her Birth

Having a planned C-Section ended up being a much relaxing way to have a baby! We woke up in the morning of the 23rd, showered, and got ready. I put make up on and did my hair -- knowing that several photo opportunities were in my near future. After making a quick stop to the high school (oh a different story for a different day) we made our way to the hospital. From there, things went pretty quickly. I figured that we would have some time to kill, so we brought a variety of games to play, and to our surprise, we really didn't have time to play any of them.

They suited me up in my gear and started asking a bucket load of questions. The IV went in (The most painful part of the whole process ... honestly!) and before I knew it, we were in the OR getting ready for the baby to come! Let me say, also, that a spinal block is MUCH less painful than an epidural!! Perhaps it was because I wasn't in the middle of a massive contraction when they put it in that it hurt less though.

Within about 3o minutes, little Elsie Alice was born. As you know, her gender was a surprise. I've heard that having a surprise is such an emotional rush once the announcement is made. For me though, it was a moment of confusion. When it is time to pull Elsie out, Dr. Merrill says: Oh Jennifer, it's a good thing that we took him c-section! He's got a big head! I thought to myself: "Ok, we have a boy! We have two boys. Two boys will be fun. I have a boy. It's a boy" I really wanted a little girl, but I was ok with a boy too. Two brothers. Fun. But then, the doctor that was assisting Dr. Merrill pointed out ... "It's a girl!" WHAT? A GIRL? I have a girl? I'm SO confused! Well, indeed ... I did get my little girl!

With teary eyes I got to watch them clean her up. I didn't get to see that with Elsie. They even brought her over to show her to me before the process started, something that I was very grateful for!
Mama and Elsie
Daddy and Elsie

It's hard to imagine how your love can be split between two kids. I guess love isn't a 100% quantity though -- there is no maximum! I love Jace just as much as I ever have -- perhaps more and this little 10 lb 10 oz Elsie Alice has just as much hold on my heart as her big brother. Joe and I are very very blessed! And she is beautiful!!