Sunday, April 15, 2012

Loves to Love Her

There came a time last week that Joe needed to do something that required two hands -- I was unavailable to hold Elsie -- so Joe asked Jace if she could lay on his bed (he was THRILLED!!) Joe peeked his head in the bedroom and he saw this:

Jace cuddled up to Elsie in his bed

Joe decided to grab the camera -- how sweet to have my little boy snuggled up next to his little sister! Joe continued doing what he was doing -- and shortly he saw ...
Jace getting a little closer

Then Jace decided to share his blanket with Elsie

He takes such good care of her! He always wants to be by his little sister and love her!

Before Joe knew it ... they were sharing that little blanket!! Elsie didn't mind one bit -- she was very content to be up close and personal with her big brother.

I never had a big brother ... but if I did, I would want him to be just like Jace!!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

That's super cute! Such funny little people :)