Monday, January 6, 2014

01/06 - Already Noticing a Difference

I read on a news post today that January 6th is said to be most depressing day of the year -- I'm guessing this is only because of those people who make New Years resolutions and can't keep up with them by 6 days into the year.

Luckily for me, I didn't make any "New Years Resolutions" .... my quest for a happier, healthier, fuller life started about the week before !!  :)

Here are the goals our family has set to achieve in 2014.  Some are hard.  Some are a stretch.  Some are common sense.  All we need to work on!!

Joe Goals
Run a Marathon

Jen Goals
Run a Half Marathon
Spend time every day *exercising *Alone time *Spiritual study

Family Goals
Run/Walk 2014 miles
Stick to a written budget
Strive to be healthy in our diet
Read the Book of Mormon

So yes, we have every possible "resolution" you can think up -- but I think my little family was ready for a big life change.  We are doing good ... but can always be better!  And I need to focus on our accomplishments because it makes us have the desire to keep moving forward.  For example.  I've been eating healthy and exercising for a week now and in that time I have noticed a big difference!  I have lost 8 lbs (wahoo in a week!!).  I feel thirsty when I don't drink water (because I've been drinking water more, my body is better at telling me that I need it!), my body (even though I'm at my heaviest ... sigh) still remembers how to exercise!  I can't run as far as I used to -- but I'm not back at ground zero either!.  My heartburn has essentially gone away (suh-weet!) and I don't get as many headaches.  I have more energy.  I don't loose my temper as quickly.  I feel motivated.  Excited.  Empowered.  And ready to kick 68 more pounds to the curb!