Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Perfect Heart

On Saturday morning of our stay at the Riverton Hospital, the on call pediatrician came in for the routine check up.  I could tell that the doctor was concentrating a bit more than normal -- within a few minutes the doctor asked if she was the first one to hear a heart murmur.  Yes, we responded.  She assumed that it was something very minor that would close within the day.  BUT -- to be safe -- she ordered a four point pressure test, which would check to make sure the blood pressure in her four extremities were roughly the same.

The test results came in, and it showed that there was a discrimination between the blood pressure in her arms and legs.  They wanted too look closer to her heart, so the pediatrician ordered an EKG.  We waited all day for the results and finally got a phone call later that night.

They found two small abnormalities on her heart.  They aren't serious enough to require immediate attention ... which we are grateful for.  We check in with the pediatric cardiologist in about two weeks.

Trials are hard, but I have felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort and peace today as my Heavenly Father has assured me that he made her and she is perfect.  I am so grateful that she has been reunited with our family.  I noticed it with Elsie, and it feels the same with Maren.  We aren't strangers.  We knew each other before we were born.  It feels like I have been reunited with a best friend.

The world is super lucky to have her in it.