Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Last Day of School

I am always emotional at this time of year. It is hard for me to gain a friendship with many of my students and then walk away in June. I am so lucky to be able to work with so many great students. I sometimes feel like I spend more time with them than I do with my family. They become family. What do I say to these exceptional kids when it is time to leave? The phrases "Don't forget me", "Good Luck", "I'll miss you" don't seem appropriate! For most of the students I want to say ... "Don't go!", "Stay in middle school forever". I obviously know that isn't possible. Each student holds a special place in my heart -- and they will forever!

I love learning. My favorite part about teaching is being able to help students reach their goals. There is a quote that says: "A teacher's goal is simple ... to help you reach yours". I feel honored to be a piece of their history -- a piece of their life.

I feel so proud that I can go to work and have it not feel like work. I love my job -- it is so much a part of who I am. I am a teacher. I come home and I am a teacher -- I go to the movies, to the store -- and I am a teacher. I am feeling SO lucky to be me right now!


brandi said...

I am so glad you started blogging! I will be a frequent visitor. Your thoughts on the end of school sound a lot like what John has been feeling. I am so glad you can do what you love!

Cody said...

wow! you're a natural blogger!!!! and we ARE going camping. i'm thinking Labor Day FOR SURE. maybe we'll get to go before then, but at least we can plan WAY ahead to make sure it happens :) and we can plan to go to some national park too!

Sarah said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! You seriously are one of the "GREATEST TEACHERS OF ALL TIME" and you are also going to remain a best friend of mine forever. I love you Jen "Bouchizzle" Boucher. You are amazing!