Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy Weather!

I was downstairs reading my current book and I heard a sound in the back of the house that made me think ... man someone is trying to rip through my house! I take a look outside and there are huge balls of hale falling madly to the ground!

Since our house is at the bottom of the hill, all of the water always gathers at the base of our street -- right next to our house. It took mere seconds to accumulate this much water on the road. It was CrAzY! My kitchen floor has water all over it from the heavy water forcing its way through the doggy door. Within 10 minutes or so, the rainstorm reduced to a normal quite downpour. You can still see white patches of hale on my back lawn though!

**I just looked back at the front yard -- and the water has come up over the sidewalk and has started to come up onto my yard. It is a good thing that my house is pretty high above the side walk! **

I took a short clip of the water racing down our street. WOW!


Shauna said...

It was wild! I was playing with the next door neighbors dog in the sun. About a half hour after I got home I heard all this noise and looked outside and wow! It was pouring down!

Jennifer said...

I guess I was lucky not to be there! But Gary had called me on the phone and told me to listen to it. It sounded fierce! You're right Jen, water DOES become a lake at the bottom of the street where you live! Go kayaking!

krystle said...

The hail was crazy! I love the rain and I was so dang hot so I went out into it. Seconds later marble sized hail was coming down on me and it hurt like crazy! Cool video! We had the screen door open and Cyrus and I were squealing and laughing like little kids. I'm only happy when it rains!

stephanie stohel said...

crazy thing is that...WE HAD NOTHING AT OUR HOUSE..not a single touch of rain..crazy stuff!!