Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer's Half Way Over ...

I have never been able to endure the entire three months of summer vacation.  It is always about mid-July that I get anxious to get back to my normal, structured life.  I am starting to feel that mid-summer restlessness.   Yesterday I decided to start creating some of the decor that will soon be placed in my classroom.  

When I started teaching I made bulletin board borders using my stamps and coordinating colors, (bordering blue, chocolate chip, old olive, and pumpkin pie).  I was so excited to get them up in my room that I neglected to get them laminated.  The boarders didn't last all that long -- they were written on and dust from the whiteboards staining the boarders.  I don't know if it is the "stampin' up!" inside of me -- but I like everything to match!  Because of this I find it necessary to make my own things rather than buying them ... (I think that it looks cuter anyway!)  I decided to remake the boarders and took the opportunity to change my color scheme, (it is similar ... old olive, so saffron, close to cocoa, brocade blue, and ruby red).  Since I threw out the pumpkin pie, not only do I need to change my borders I need to remake most everything in my classroom so that it all ... matches.  

I am not very good at stopping projects once I start -- so last night when I was in the middle of my inspiration ... I couldn't just go to bed.  I stayed up all night playing around in my stamp room and finally went to bed as Joe was getting up.  I slept in until noon today and have been 
working every since.  I was able to create ... a calender, with date squares to velcro to the calender, class agenda signs, rule poster, and a reward/consequence poster.  I just hope that Office Max is going to have a teacher special like they did last year.  The laminator at our school can't handle posters this big -- plus the quality is better there.  

I am pretty excited for school to start.  I am not quite ready for it to start tomorrow -- but I am enjoying getting ready for it.  I will probably go in about two weeks to get my classroom set up. 


Jess and Jen said...

You probably have the cutest math classroom ever! I don't remember any of my junior high classes every looking that cute and coordinated. Your students are so lucky!

Jeni said...

Jen, you've got talent coming out of your nose!

stephanie stohel said...

well..i am diggin the new color scheme!! its pretty dang close to the old ones but...remember to number the back of the borders when we hang them up the stuff so that when we come back in a year that we wont be all confused on which peices go were..that was always tough!! lets be honest!! ha ha but i am so going to set up your classroom with you cause its tradition!!

brandi said...

My theory..I think the coordination sort of helps those wacky kids organize their little brains. Coordinating color creates a harmonized learning experience, I am sure of it!

Reading your blog makes me miss you! I love you Jen!