Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moon Lake Vacation

As Joe and I were hiking the day before we left for home Joe mentioned that I could create 10 different posts for our vacation.  We had SUCH a good time in the mountains.  We were concerned about taking a dog with
 us.  When we signed up for the camping site it specifically mentioned to "leave the loud obnoxious dogs home".  If you have met Daphne you know that she can definitely be loud and obnoxious.  We were very pleased to learn that Daph is our camp dog.  She was PERFECT!  There were other dogs all around, squirrels and birds chirping in the trees and Daphne just looked at them and kept walking.  

We went down to the beach the first night that we were there and I grabbed a rock.  I asked Joe if I should throw it in the lake to see what Daphne would do -- neither of us even considering that she would jump in.  He told me to go for it since Daphne has NEVER shown any interest in water.  Joe and I were on the ground laughing -- she didn't even hesitate!  She plunged into that water and started swimming out to
the splash.  Since it was a rock -- she obviously couldn't find it so I threw a branch so it would float.  It was getting pretty late and we didn't want a wet dog sleeping in our tent so we went on this mini hike to try and dry her.  We went to the lake and 
played with Daphne every day that we were there.

There were several amazing trails that we went hiking on.  We always went on a hike after Daphne got in the water.  It was a good way to get her dry and I was able to wear my suit and catch some nice sun.  (I wore a 
different suit pretty much every day and have some crazy funky tan lines on my back!) We took Daph off of her leash and she trotted about 10 - 15 
feet ahead of us the entire time -- frequently looking back to make sure that we are still coming.  She would come back to us and whine a bit ... apparently we were not fast enough for her.  

I had to get a picture of the bridge that I mentioned last week. 
 It was weird ... but I felt very close to my mom while I was there -- like we had a memory and now I was letting Joe in on it.  I am so glad we came here it is such a beautiful place.

It has been awhile since Joe and I have gone on a "vacation".  It was so nice to go away and we decided to make camping over the fourth of July a yearly tradition.  We will pick the place that we want to travel to next year 
while we are camping.  We have decided to go up to Yellowstone next year.  Neither of us have ever been there and are excited to go!  We will be researching it over the next year and finding a 
nice place to stay over the next year -- or a nice campground at least -- although it might be fun to try camping in a cabin!

It was such a good week and we are so happy to be home.  The craziness of the world can be so overwhelming sometimes and it just nice to get away.  


Jeni said...

Thanks for the write-up...I felt like I was there! What a beautiful vacation spot! Go Daphne!

brandi said...

I never get enough! I wish I could read all 10 of the "posts."