Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crazy Daisey Found a Family!

The amount of phone calls that we have been receiving for our little puppy has been overwhelming! The first one came approximately 9 minutes after the ad posted. It was out of state, so Joe didn't answer. The next one was 12 minutes after the posting time. When Joe answered, the "buyer" asked if our britney spaniel was still available. He then heckled to himself and said ... probably ... it has only been 12 minutes! We set a time to meet later that night. When we got to the park across the street from our house I was able to meet the cute family. They had 2 little girls, 5 (tomorrow) and 3. The 3 year old warmed up to Daisey right away ... it took a bit longer for the older one to. At one time the older girl ran off and cried that she didn't want that dog, (Daisey was so excited to be going to the park she was pulling quite hard on her leash ... and it frightened the daughter). They were a cute family and talked about getting Daisey some treats and toys. I have never, as an adult, given away an animal. For Joe and I ... our puppies are MORE than just dogs. They are our family and it was such a hard thing to do. I know that Daisey will be happy, and that this was the best thing for my family ... but it was so hard! I thought that I would have weeks to spend with her ... not 12 hours!

Many have asked why we decided to find her a new home. The main reason is that she is a 3rd dog. If she was the oldest ... she would still be here. It just got too hard to handle 3. Dinner time was tough ... walking them was hard ... and having company was especially difficult. The reasons we bought her in the first place didn't justify obtaining another animal ... but my heart needed something to take care of. Unfortunately Joe and I just couldn't do it anymore. I feel so so bad about it ... but she has found a good family ... which is all I could hope for! I just hope that she is being a good little girl!


Tink said...

That's awesome! Wow, I can't believe how quickly that went. Where did you post the ad? Hurrah for Daisey!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm glad Miss Daisy found a nice home, she's a cute dog & will be missed. Dave & Niki have to get rid of 2 of their dogs to be able to stay in their place. I hope they have as much luck as you did.