Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daisey Mae Needs a Home

We are no longer able to care for our sweet Daisey Mae! If anyone knows of someone who needs a loveable little puppy please let us know! She is one year old and is very healthy. She is well house trained and warms up to other dogs quickly. We are so sad to have her leave our family! She loves to go for walks and play fetch.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear that. How come you can't keep her? She is a beautiful dog! Is she house trained? Does she yap or dig? I'll keep her mind in case I hear of someone keeping a dog.

Lynsey said...

Three dogs are a lot of work. Now that we have three, I really sympathize with you--and we have small dogs. Good luck finding her a home. She really is a sweet dog.

stephanie stohel said...

I LOVE DAISY...even tho she is annoying but she really a sweet heart and just needs some serious TLC ha ha