Thursday, August 21, 2008

Extreme Exhaustion!

I have forgotten how extremely tiring it is to work all day! So far this week I have endured two days of meetings, a day of planning, and 7th grade orientation. THANKFULLY ... and I do mean THANKFULLY my students did not take part in any form of major rioting or protesting at the thought of being back to school -- or in my classroom. They even laughed at my stupid jokes and thought it was funny that I told them I have a purple toothbrush. Today has been the first day however that I have been on my feet for the large part of the day. Oh do they hurt!

This is a view from my desk. Not all of the desks are showing ... and it is shocking that every seat will be filled! My largest class is 35 and I have 179 students total. I expect more to transfer in soon enough! You gotta love Utah schools!

It is my tradition to get a new "back to school night" outfit for each year. I started it my first year and told myself it would be a tradition. Now I just can't break it (darn!). I spent my lunch break shopping instead of eating with my friends, but I was able to get a pair of really cute gray capri's and a nice green top. I even found gray sandals to match the bottoms. I am excited to show them off tonight!

Tonight is back to school night and I will get to meet many of my student's parents. This means however that I will repeat the same 4 phrases about 50 times. I guess that it is all part of the job description :)

I will definitely sleep well tonight ... and ready or not ... here comes a life of ... CRAZY! We begin!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Seriously, I am so worn out this week too! What's that all about??!!! We've only been doing this for YEARS now! But yes, it does seem to get easier, I remember the 1st year when I would just CRASH after the kids left. People would walk in and the lights were off, I was just there, hiding in the dark, like a vampire or something. Much better now, you feel like a pro. Nothing is EVER as bad as that first year... at least I hope not. Good luck & keep it up sis!

Lynsey said...

I'm sad that I missed all the preparation! Thanks for all you did to get my classroom ready--it looked great!

Jeni said...

How did it go? I've been gone this week, but now I'm needing to know how the rest of your week went! Come soak your feet in our hot tub! It will do wonders! We need another Young Womens night so you can model your new outfit.

Mom&Dad said...

So do we get to see that new outfit or not, Jen?
And congrats on starting school and surviving the experience for yet another year! Bless your heart, you are doing a great job with the kids!

brandi said...

Your room looks great, you should post pics of the outfit! Good tradition!